La Guerres des Tuques Returns in 3D

Mascots joined in on the red carpet fun Mascots joined in on the red carpet fun

The story is very simple: children and a holiday to fill with fun. What to do? Well, a battle for the control of a giant snow fort. Sophie will lead one team and Luc the other. What began as a simple game finishes in a serious battle that will get every last person involved. Some lessons will be learned, some tears will pour, some laughter will save the day. Between friendship and love, La Guerre des Tuques 3D offers to us a wonderful remake of the original 1984 movie.

I know most of you will shout that this is a scandal, but I have to admit I had never seen the movie before. Oh, I am not that bad… I had heard of it. Most of my Canadian friends love it so much that it would have been hard to never heard of it, but still, I did not really know the story. That is why I was so excited to cover the premiere of the movie and I could not wait to discover the story and the characters. I ended up falling in love with the story, the beauty of the animation, and the music.

The premiere of this fan favourite was a sight to see. When I arrived at La Place des Arts, I could not believe my eyes. The red carpet on Saint Catherine Street was huge: mascots were running all around, and young children were playing outside. So many people, from both the press and the audience, came that night. I know the original movie is an absolute classic here, but still, I did not expected such a crowd. The funny thing about it is that there were people of all ages: young children, teenagers, parents, older people – a happy melting pot of generations.

The producers, voice actors and singers started to walk the red carpet. Some artists came with their children, and it was pretty cool to see them share their joy. There was a mixture of happiness and excitement in the air. Everyone seemed to be smiling: photographers, artists, journalists and children. Every artists on the red carpet seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously, and they even greeted us very nicely (which is not always the case, believe me).

The cast of La Guerres des Tuques 3D

The cast of La Guerres des Tuques 3D

I have to mention actor Fred Pellerin. I always thought he was a nice human being, and I was pleased to find out I was not wrong. On the red carpet he was very patient, polite, discrete, and seemed to be a very kind and down-to-earth person. I appreciated his generosity towards us photographers.

The same can be said for Mariloup Wolfe, who plays Sophie. What will stay with me is her openness. Not every artist is that generous when comes to taking pictures, but she made sure we had everything we needed before going away. She did some crazy and funny poses in front of our cameras, and even came back after a couple interviews to do it again. She also did something nice for me. Maybe she saw I was younger or shyer than the other photographers, maybe it’s because we are both not so tall, I don’t know. Whatever it was, she decided to pose specially for me. She started to look directly into my camera without me having to ask!

Mariloup Wolfe on the red carpet

Mariloup Wolfe on the red carpet

Considering how much talent was working on it, it would have been hard to make a bad movie. Artists like Marie Mai, Céline Dion and Fred Pellerin provide the soundtrack, and talented voice actors like Mariloup Wolfe make the characters come alive. Honestly, it would have been hard to go wrong here.

I thought the script was amazing, with lots of humour and sweet moments between the characters. The animation is beautiful, very soft and highly realistic. After a few minutes, you forget that you are watching an animated movie. It almost feels like you are there, in the village, playing in the snow yourself. And to be honest I was taken somewhere else while I watched the movie. I would have been totally transported if it was not for the children’s laughter filling the movie theatre. It was so great to hear so many laughs – what a happy moment.

La Guerre des Tuques 3D

La Guerre des Tuques 3D

The actors did a tremendous job with their characters. I am sure it is not very easy to portray someone only with your voice when you are used to express yourself with your entire body. I totally forgot that Sophie was Mariloup’s voice. And I guess that is to be acknowledged, and all the actors must be congratulated.

Finally, I cannot talk about this movie without talking about the music, which is just totally amazing. The duet between Pellerin and Dion is great, and I was very touched by all the musical pieces in the movie. It is by far one of the best movie soundtracks I have heard in a long time.

So basically what I am saying here is don’t wait. Take your kids, your friend, your sister, your dad. Grab a ticket, and go discover or rediscover this classic. You will laugh, experience authentic joy, and be touched. Let the music get inside your heart, let the happiness sink in, let go of everything that worries you. And please, share it with someone you love. Do not miss it, it’s the perfect way to start the holiday season.

La Guerre des Tuques 3D is now playing in theatres.