Montreal and New York Comedians Unite to Celebrate Comedyworks Birthday

comedyworks by Comedyworks Montreal comedyworks by Comedyworks Montreal

Article by Annie Webb

Montreal stand-up comedy fans were thrilled when a revitalized Comedyworks reopened in February of last year. Local comedy icon and Comedyworks regular, Peter J. Radomski, emceed the grand inaugural weekend.

One year later, he is invited to headline five upcoming shows at Comedyworks taking place on three consecutive nights (Feb. 25-26-27, 2016). For the occasion, Radomski wishes “to offer the audience something a little different and something they might not have the chance to see.” So he invited two solid up-and-coming NY comedians to share the stage for all five shows: co-headliner Jimmy LeChase and promising new talent Zach Swan.

Radomski met LeChase while living in NY in the summer 2014, often performing at the same clubs. Both comedians were trying out new material, watching other comedians, honing their craft and developing ideas.

Peter Radomski (cred. John St. Godard)

Peter Radomski. Photo John St. Godard

Radomski, LeChase and Swan’s stand-up has been described as “alt comedy”, which is typically more conversational and free than other comedic genres. “My approach is, I’m talking to a room full of people like I’m talking to one person,” says Radomski.

Alt comedy also steers away from stereotypes, racist jokes and misogynistic humor of traditional stand-up. Radomski says, “It’s comedy where you’re talking about how you just broke up with your girlfriend or the food on an airplane.”

Radomski likes to tackles issues like the absurdities of language, “the bullshit of everyday living (…), and the formalities and niceties that we have to put up with to deal with people. I tend to talk about my neuroses and the reasons why I’m waiting for God to take me in my sleep,” he jokes.

At the upcoming shows, Radomski says, “expect to see me do material that I don’t normally do. It’s stuff that’s a little more out there, sometimes a little darker and sometimes a little more honest”.

Radomski adds, “We tend to believe that comedy is about truth, so if that’s the case, it’s probably the best place to be as honest with people as possible and address the truths that we should be talking about.”

Radomski is a 12-year veteran of the local comedy scene and a regular performer in Montreal, Ottawa and New York. He also teaches a comedy class at The Comedy Nest and emcees Blue Light Burlesque once per month since 2009, performing in French.

Jimmy LeChase (cred. Mindy Tucker)

Jimmy LeChase. Photo Mindy Tucker.

Montreal has a booming burlesque scene. Radomski appears to draw much inspiration by the work and dedication of the artists involved: “We’ve got a great team of people there. When I see how much the women do for the shows. The work, they spend hours and hours putting their costumes together, crafting with glue guns and sowing, the hours practicing the dance moves, choosing the right music. There’s so much passion behind every number and it’s very inspiring to watch what these ladies do”.

Radomski, or self-proclaimed “hobbit from comedy’s dark side” will be recording his first audio album during his upcoming performances at Comedyworks. He’ll therefore be changing his stand-up routine every night to capture a wide range of material. You can also expect different emcees and opening acts on each of the three nights.

This marks Comedyworks’ anniversary month, and what could be more fitting on a cold February night than Montreal legend Peter J. Radomski and Jimmy LeChase co-headlining with guest Zach Swan. Great comedy and guaranteed laughter is in store.

Peter J. Radomski and Jimmy LeChase appear at Comedyworks (1238 Bishop) on February 25-27. $15. Tickets and showtimes are HERE. Annie Webb writes the blog Spaced-Out Scientist.