Quebec 102: Montreal Animal Rescue Organizations

Duluth Cat Café L'Heureux. Photo Lisa Dorche. Duluth Cat Café L'Heureux. Photo Lisa Dorche.

Cats and dogs, guinea pigs and primates. Montreal and its surrounds are home to many animal rescue organizations, though there always seem to be more animals in need of love and a home than there are places for them (in fact, I found 73 in Quebec on the CRA website). All theses organizations are non-profits and always on the look out for volunteers and, of course, donations, so if you’ve got time or money, here’s a place to put it. As most people are familiar with the SPCA, we’ll begin by calling your attention to a few rescue organizations you may have never heard of before.


A Horse Tale / Une Histoire de Chevaux

27 Chemin Murphy; Vaudreuil-Dorion

cruiser licks balou. from organization A Horse Tale.

Cruiser licks Balou. Photo from organization A Horse Tale.


A Horse Tale is a newly relocated rescue organization that focuses on the equine. They take in retired caleche horses and other horses that had to be given up for personal reasons. In addition to horses, there is also a donkey and I suspect a few ponies will eventually pass through the gates. Rescued horses are rehabilitated and ideally, found new homes. Some are kept at the farm and given lots of TLC while donors support their upkeep. Members (just $20 a year) are welcome to come to the farm and spend time with the horses. Every Saturday from 2-4 p.m., there is an “open barn” for the public to come and visit too.

Barn Buddies Farm Sanctuary

Barn Buddies takes in farm animals that are neglected, abused, or abandoned with the goal of allowing the animals to live out their lives in peace. They have goats, chickens, ducks, and other wildlife under their care.


Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, and Little Guys

Jodie’s Jiggley Piggley Farm

[email protected]

jiggly piggly guinea pigs. photo from their facebbok page.

jiggly piggly guinea pigs. photo from their facebbok page.

The sometimes nervous but always cute guinea pig finds its champion in Jodie and Jodie’s Jiggley Piggley Farm. Since 2002, this rescue organization has taken in homeless guinea pigs hoping to find them forever homes. Visitors can come by appointment to see the pigs. Each one is cuter than the next.

Quebec Rabbit Rescue/ Secours Lapins Québec
The Quebec Rabbit rescue doesn’t maintain a shelter, but its volunteers donate time and resources to find homes for rabbits and small creatures who are currently in local animal shelters. They run regular adoption clinics as well.



Chimps Resident Fauna Foundation. Photo Joanne MacArthur

Chimps Resident Fauna Foundation. Photo Joanne MacArthur

3802 Chemin Bellerive
Carignan, Québec J3L 3P9

Fauna is a one of a kind sanctuary that homes chimpanzees, monkeys, and a few other farm animals. The primates come from research labs, from zoos, from the entertainment industry, from the wild, and even from private homes. Fauna gives a permanent home for these animals and gives them the freedom to “be themselves.” The animals receive food, shelter, medical attention, companionship, and enrichment to their lives. The goal is that they can be happy, healthy, and live free from fear and hardships. Quebec’s commission for the protection of agricultural land has declared that no new exotic residents can be added to the sanctuary, but its permanent residents remain. Visitors are welcome to check out the farm, and there is a graduated volunteer ladder too that ranges from one shift a month caring for the garden to helping with the monkeys and chimps.


Marley’s Menagerie Parrot Rescue and Adoption

Parrots are such long lived animals that they often have several owners in a lifetime. Marley’s Menagerie takes in birds, including those that have been abused or neglected, and tries to find homes where appropriate. A number of birds are special needs and can never be re-homed, so donations are always welcome to help care for those birds that must stay at the shelter. Those that are adoptable are found new homes.

Le Nichoir

Wild birds need love too! Le Nichoir in Hudson takes care of injured and orphaned wild birds and releases them back into their natural habitat. You can sponsor a bird as well as visit the facility. They have good advice on what to do if you’ve found a injured animal as well.


Dogs and Cats

Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue

Animals in the 11th hour (about to be killed or soon to die) give a hail mary with Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue. This is a no-kill, foster-home based rescue group that provides medical care, rehabilitation, and rehoming for mostly dogs and cats. They put photos of their adoptables on facebook, so have a look and see if one melts your heart and finds a new home.


Gerdy’s is a small, animal rescue has no shelter, and so relies on a network to foster the animals until their forever homes can be found. They rescue animals that come from bad situations as well as compassionate placements, offering full disclosure about the animal’s medical history and personality. The website has pictures of the animals available for adoption.

Le Refuge pour Chats de Verdun

Cats, cats, and more cats. Refuge for Cats goes from meow to wow with its cats. Abandoned cats are rescued and new homes are found for them. The animal fosters cats with its network and has adoption days every second Sunday as well. Volunteers and donations are welcome.

Rosie Animal Adoption

Through donations and hard work, orphaned companion dogs find new homes with Rosie Animal Adoption. The goal is to find responsible and loving homes for misplaced, neglected, and unwanted dogs. They are always on the lookout for foster homes and the organization is a non-profit/charity organization that relies completely on the support of the public. Adoption clinics are held periodically.

Refuge AMR

Another group working hard to help get dogs adopted, the Refuge AMR works in a number of towns surrounding Montreal like Chateauguay and Hemmingford to help animals find homes. They also keep a listing of found pets, so if yours is missing have a look.

Animal Rescue Network

Another no-kill shelter in Montreal, the Animal Rescue Network (ARN) is a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers. It uses a community-based network of foster homes to care for unwanted cats and dogs until they can be adopted. Donations and volunteers are always welcome. Regular adoption days take place too.

The Pussie Patrol Cat Rescue

The Pussie Patrol works with abandoned and feral cats and kittens to find them homes. Donations are much needed by this very tiny organization. They have just six foster homes in their network.

PetitsPawz Cat Refuge of Montreal

PetitsPawz is a non-profit organization that saves cats in Montreal. There is a foster-based rescue program that provides shelter and medical care with the goal of finding adoptive families. There is also a TNR (trap, neuter, return) aspect where feral cats are trapped, sterilized or neutered, and then returned to their colonies. Volunteers and donations are always welcome.

Compassionate Animal Adoption

This is a small, foster based rescue for dogs and cats in Montreal. They do their best to take in dogs from people who must give them up.

Sphinx Project

Sphinx Project is a rescue service for cats. It has multiple cats available for adoption at its website. The cats are vaccinated, sterilized and in good health.


Well, duh, its the SPCA.  This is probably the most recognizable animal shelter in most places, with branches everywhere. Dogs, cats, birds, and other animals are available for adoption. The regularly hold animal adoption events and fundraisers. For example, on August 26, there’s a special cat adoption event.

Urban Animal Advocates

They have a facebook page, but their link is dead.


Given the large number of homeless cats in Montreal, educhat focuses on the Trap, Neuter, Release theory. Public donations and volunteer efforts help this organization promote its objectives of education and TNR. Low income families can also have their cats neutered here.

Sophie’s Dog Adoption

Sophie’s is a network of foster homes with dogs looking for forever homes.


Steri-animal sterilizes feral cats in the Montreal area as well as provide assistance for those who can’t afford to have their own pets sterilized. They also provides vaccinations against common feline infections for feral cats and test them as virus carriers. Events are held each year to raise money for the organization.

Quebec Greyhound Rescue

Greyhound rescue focuses on finding loving responsible homes for retired racing dogs.

Golden Retriever Rescue

Golden Retriever Rescue focuses on the golden retriever breed. How could a gorgeous golden retriever ever need to be rescued? Well sometimes it happens. Owners die or dogs are not good fits with their owners or other tragedies happen.

Boxer Rescue of Quebec

Boxer rescue takes in boxers that are abandoned and tries to find them permanent homes. Fundraiseres such as nail clipping (for dogs) help raise money for the organization.

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