Montreal Food Trucks 101

Everything you need to know about Montreal Food Trucks

Food Trucks. Photo Rachel Levine Food Trucks

When the snow goes, Bixi bikes and food trucks arrive en masse. Both have wheels and apps to help you find them, but only one serves grilled cheese.

Where can I find the food trucks?

There are many ways to find out where the food trucks are, though they have designated places and times they are allowed to be in the city. Food trucks also appear at special events as well.


The locations where you can find them regularly are in the map below. They usually open after 11 a.m., and closing around 5 p.m. Some open earlier, some stay open later and at special events, all bets are off.

If the map doesn’t work, try our link: HERE

Food Truck Locations in a list
Centre Ville and Vieux Montreal:
Place d’Armes (St. Jacques)
Square Dorchester (Sun Life building, Metcalfe)
Université Concordia (MacKay/de Maisonneuve W)
Square Philipps (Cathcart/Union)
Quartier de la santé CRCHUM (St Denis/Viger)
Parc du Mont Royal (Ave du Parc)
Musée McCord (Victoria/President Kennedy)
Cité du Multimedia (Brennan)
Square Victoria (St Antoine)
Place Émilie Gamelin (Maisonneuve/St Hubert)

Côte des Neiges and NDG
Parc Jean Brillant (Descelle, south of Jean-Brilliant)
Concordia University football field (Sherbrooke W)

Rosemont/La Petite Patrie

Angus (William Tremblay/Andre Laurendeau)
Bellechasse (Rue des Carrieres, near viaduc St. Denis)
Espace Affaires Rosemont (Dandurand/Fullum)
Maisonneuve Rosemont (Blvd de l’Assomption)
Marconi Alexandre (Ave de L’Esplanade/Joseph-Tison)
Père Marquette (Marquette/Rosemont)
Petit Beaubien (41e ave/Beaubien)

Metro L’Assomption (Rue de l’Assomption/Chauveau)
Metro Prefontaine (Hochelaga/Moreau)
Parc Bellerive (Mercier/Belleriver)
Parc Champetre (Letourneux/north of Pere Marcoux)
Parc Félix-Leclerc 2
Parc Félix-Leclerc 1
Marché Maisonneuve (St. Catherine E/Moreau)
Cégep de Maisonneuve (Bourbonniere/Pierre de Coubertin)
Maisonneuve/Rosemont (L’Assomption)


Sud-Ouest and Verdun
Piscine Therrien (opposite the chalet de la piscine)
Piste de Danse (in l’Honorable George O’Reilly park)
Metro Angrignon (blvd des Trinitaires, near de De monts)
Parc Angrignon (blvd des Trinitaires, near Lacroix)
Square Sir George Etienne-Cartier (notre Dame W, between Sainte Émilie and St. Ambroise)
Station Jolicoeur (rue Drake)
ÉTS (Peel/Notre Dame W)

Outside City
Promenades St. Bruno

Where to find a specific truck?

Each day, the trucks go to the different locations and rotate through them. The trucks know their schedule in advance and some even publish it. Others don’t until the day before. The city of Ville Marie makes the easiest to read list of the locations

The city of Montreal maintains a site on its page as well: HERE

The twitter list of trucks: HERE.

Most people’s go-to site is Street Food Quest. On a Google map, the location of each truck is identified, and it is possible to search by truck. Click camions (or trucks) to see the trucks, and comptoirs (fast grabs) to see local restaurants: HERE

Another site with daily updates of where trucks are at different sites: HERE

Food Truck Events

Food trucks participate in a range of events. They appear at street fairs and special events with regularity. Here are a few to watch for

First Fridays

On the first Friday of the month from 4 p.m. – 23 a.m., Les Premiers Vendredis (the first Fridays) send the trucks out en masse to Olympic Stadium. There, enjoy your truck food and get your beverage of choice at one of the on-site bars that serve wine and beer. DJs and other performers create a carnival-like atmosphere.

Les Survenants

Another Food Truck joy is Les Survenants, when the foodtrucks come out in a caravan. Street performers, musicians, and artists take over the neighbourhood. Events will happen in Mile End, Rosemont, and Bassin Peel this year. Watch HERE for details.

What kind of food is served on the food trucks?

Montreal’s Association des restaurateurs keeps its protectively bureaucratic hand and discerning eye on the food trucks, limiting their number and evaluating their quality. Those that pass muster are rolling showcases for the variety of cuisines. Just as Montreal has a myriad of cuisines in wonderful permutations, our food trucks are varied in what they offer. Many trucks change their daily offerings to reflect the freshest ingredients possible. There’s no one way to group them since every truck serves a variety of things. Most that serve meals also serve deserts. Many that serve deserts also serve drinks. While some are specialists, others are generalists. Check ahead of time to know what’s on the menu as many post their offerings for the day online.

*trucks marked with a ‘*’ only appear at special events.

French Fries, Poutines, Cheese, and Pizza

Le Cheese Food Truck! Photo by Le Cheese

Le Cheese Food Truck! Photo by Le Cheese

Le Cheese – Le Cheese truck does mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese, but with a focus on Quebec cheeses

Boite a Fromages. Food Truck. Photo Rachel Levine

Boite a Fromages. Food Truck. Photo Rachel Levine

Boîte à Fromages – The Raclette express is here with cheese dishes and raclette machines. Their speciality is braised beef and carmalized onions.
P.A. & Gargantua – Grilled cheese. The city would suffer without it.
Pizza No 900 — Pizza super super super

Frite Alors food truck. Montreal. Photo Rachel Levine

Frite Alors food truck. Montreal. Photo Rachel Levine

*Frite Alors — Your favorite french fries to go and go and go. Served in a cone!

Local Bouffe

Lunch Beat Montreal. Photo Rachel Levine

O Soeur Volante Food Truck. Lunch Beat Montreal. Photo Rachel Levine

Le Super Truck Sandwiches and other homemade good things
Lucky’s Truck You don’t need to stay up all night to get lucky with this one. Duck confit poutine and lavender whoopee pies are two of their unique creations
*Meatball Montreal – Polpette in a multitude of forms and not just meat!
Zoe’s Truck – Sandwiches and Mediterranean inspired foods from scratch.
Pas d’couchon dans mon salon – Pulled pork and a lot of it, as well as oysters .
*Les Brigands – These guys bring you tourtières, pâteé, and pies.

Alexis le Gourmand Food truck. PHoto Rachel Levine

Alexis le Gourmand Food truck. PHoto Rachel Levine

Alexis le Gourmand – Good things from the grocery
Phoenix 1 – Get ready for the Naanwich, a naan bread sandwich. Not just tandoori food, but also a mix of cuisines.
*Chaud Dogs – Gourmet hot dogs! 8 inches of all-beef dogs with various toppings.
Le Quai Roulant – Seafood meets streetfood. Fish n’ chips, crab cakes, and sausages.
Landry and Filles – Snack bar on wheels. New Brunswick specialties like Ployes (salty pancakes), creton, smoked salmon, duck.
O Soeurs Volantes Home cooking that goes from rotilla salad to boulettes..
Camion Pied de Cochon – Duck, foie gras, and plenty of pig.
L’Assomoir Mobile – BBQ and good living.
Le point sans G – mixing up flavors and seasonality to create unique meals. No gluten either!
Duck Truck – Sandwiches and local food with an emphasis on the duck.
Le Nice Truck – Local cuisine of all kinds. Think healthy.
*La boite a Grillades – Grilled things.
*La Queue du Diable – Mexican wow!
*Ca Va Barder – Butchery and deli.
Air de Boeuf — You won’t have to ask where’s the beef*Winneburger – As if the name didn’t give it away… the hamburger of food trucks. Also, kettlechips and the famed Arnold Palmer of half lemonade and ice tea. The truck, sadly, is up for sale, so it’s current fate is unknown.

Comfort Food from Around the World

Food truck. Traiteur Guru.

Food truck. Traiteur Guru.

Europolonia – Polish and Eastern European cuisine with plenty of perogies.
Das food truck – We’ve got schnitzel to go.
Traiteur Guru – Indian goodness serving butter chicken and other foods by Chef Amar Choudhry
*Le Smoking BBQ – Southern US BBQ food with pulled pork poutine and baby back ribs that won in St. Louis.
*Saigon, je me souviens! — Vietnamese Banh Mi, rice, and other tapioca goodness.
Grumman ’78 – Tacos with great fillings.
Dim Sum MTL – Your best little dim sums, especially Ha-kao (steamed shrimp with dumplings) and Siu mai (dumplings of pork, shrimp, mushrooms, and bamboo)
*Ta Pies – Australian/New Zealand foods that serves savory pies as well as deserts.
Bol Burrito Queen B – Mexican and Mediterranean food.
Le TukTuk – Thai food that’s soo good you can’t stop eating it.
L’Express Mobile – Thinking Chinese and Sushi?
La Cantine Libanaise – Food from the Middle East, schwarmish!
*Mi Corazon Food Truck.
*Temaki Sushi – Sushi, of course!

Cakes, Crepes, Cookies, Cupcakes, Ice Cream
*Lola’s petits gateaux — 10 different cupcake flavours per day from S’mores to the gluten free Turtles cupcake.
*Fous Truck – The best croissant in Montreal comes to you.
Gaufrabec – Big, sweet, crips Belgium waffles.
*Mr. Cremeux – Fresh, regional ice cream and slush.
*Crémy Mobile – Donuts!
Crêpe Moi – Le creperie to go.
*Délices D’Antan – bakery best known for its potato doughnuts!

Drinks and Health Food

Food Trucks. Photo Rachel Levine

Food Trucks

Café Mobile Dispatch – mobile espresso by Chrissy Ducak.
*Smoothfruit – Your moving juicebar for joy
Panthere mobile/The Green Panther – get your falafels, your tempeh sandwiches, and all things organic and vegan.
*Truckie the Truckie — Drinks

Route 27 – Tartare bsed on meat and fish
Nomad SO6 — Grilled sausages made from minced pork shoulder and other ingredients. Nitrate free, high quality ingredients.
Lucille’s – Get your oysters on.
*Zeste – The Quebec food network prepares… turkey.
*Bagels st Viateur – bagels, of course.

Got a food truck question or concern? Want to review the food trucks for Montreal Rampage? Let us know!

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