Montreal Rampage Album Reviews April 2014

Lyla Foy Lyla Foy

Lyla Foy’s Mirrors The Sky

Lyla Foy.  Photo Credit: Veanne Tsui

Lyla Foy. Photo Credit: Veanne Tsui

Lyla Foy is a 25 year old musician based in London. Previously writing music under the moniker WALL, she has released a full-length album this spring and is currently on tour. After a first listen of her album, her sound reminds me of the Dum Dum Girls and Warpaint. The album is filled with dreamy pop melodies accompanied by Lyla’s soft vocals. You almost feel like you’re in a dream yourself. Another folk-pop beauty to watch out for.

Fave songs: Rumour, Only Human and Someday

The Notwist’s Close to the Glass

The Notwist

The Notwist

The Notwist is a German indie band, that has been making music since 1989. They’ve explored a lot of different musical genres, early on starting out with post-rock and slowly moving their way to electronic music. Close to the Glass is their 8th studio album. It is a mix of rock, electronic and experimental sounds. Their first song, “Signals”, has a really loud intro with quite a lot of electronic jabbering. However, their third track, “Kong”, sounds more upbeat, beautifully intertwining guitar and electro sounds. I always admire bands that try to do something different.

Fave songs: Close to the Glass, 7 Hour Drive and They Follow Me
The Notwist plays at the SAT on June 11th

Death Vessel’s Island Intervals

Death Vessel

Death Vessel

Death Vessel is at its core a solo act by Joel Thibodeau. The band’s line-up has vigorously changed throughout the years. Death Vessel’s music is described as folk but I would call it folk-pop because it has quite a few of those upbeat elements that just scream pop. Thibodeau has a very unique voice; listening to this record you fell like you’ve been submerged in a lagoon somewhere deep in the forest.

Fave songs: Velvet Antlers, Island Vapors and Loom