Nathan Fielder For You Sneak-Peak : Videos and Hilarious Q&A

This sneak-peak into the second season of Nathan For You was definitely worth staying up well past my bedtime. The show was a mix of Nathan’s awkward charm, audience interaction and prepared video clips.

Fielder started the show by singing, in only a way that he could: Lana Del Rey’s “Ride.” It was one of the most entertaining versions of the song that I have ever heard.

After this he did a bit of improv, admitted he isn’t the best at stand-up then started the episode from season two.

I won’t give too much away, but hopefully I can give some hints that reveal that pure and original hilarity that is Nathan For You. As always, Nathan brings “struggling” businesses an odd business idea that usually works in a warped kind of way. In the episode there was a dating website that needed more women users, and Nathan’s solution involves a phrase similar to “Daddy Daddy please come to my rescue!” Another business he helps is a party planning business which ends up involving a very bad Bill Gates impersonator. Finally, though I won’t reveal the reason Nathan poses naked in a giant hot dog bun.

After the episode, he had a few people up on stage to ask questions. This was pretty funny because it was really Nathan asking 5-6 questions of the audience member before they could ask their single question.  With a few other video clips and some funny banter in between, he ended the night by giving high fives and awkwardly trying to avoid certain question-askers.

All in all, Nathan was everything I dreamed he would be up close and I will be rewatching season one in the coming weeks to prepare for season two of Nathan For You. I highly recommend doing the same or at least entering “dumb starbucks” into a youtube search.

Nathan Fielder’s show Nathan For You episode 208, Dumb Starbucks airs July 29 at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.