Lessons From The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Panel

Spoiler alert, some events of season two revealed

As a person who is not aspiring to be a comedian, I found the Just for Laughs Comedy Pro: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (B99) panel very enriching in other ways. There are many things that I learned during the panel, and I hope to share a few of the things that I learned from the group.

Lesson for the Interviewer

The first thing that I learned, as an interviewer myself, is to create dialogue to cushion your questions so that the interview-ee(s) feel more comfortable. While on stage, everyone seemed pretty content and got to add in their bit here and there.

Give a Funny Answers

Next, I learned that it is always great when supposedly funny people end up giving funny answers to questions. Andy Sanberg started the show off with telling us that when he first met with the creators of B99, it was at a poolside. Not his poolside. The three grown men apparently met up at a community pool to hash out the details of Sanberg’s involvement of the show.

Surround Yourself with your own Best Cast

After listening to everyone on stage go on about how they work with the best cast I realized that there is a nugget of wisdom that can be applied to regular people’s lives. B99 is an award winning show after only one season, they are a successful team without a doubt, and they are gaining fans at a rapid pace. I started thinking, everyone who works on the show thinks it has the best cast and there was a lot of love between the members of the B99 team. I think most people would like to be successful with their lives, but not all of us have access to the best cast. The lesson here is to realize the people in your life are your cast, therefore if you want to be successful surround yourself with your own best cast.

Mind the Lane

Sanberg also mentioned that everyone at the show sticks to their own lane, which is another important thing to remember when assembling your own personal best cast.

A few teasers for the upcoming season were revealed, and I will divulge them now – stop reading if you hate spoilers. In New York City there is a new police commissioner, inspired by this real life event there will also be a shift in the politics of the NYPD featured in the show. There is an old rival from Holt’s past that comes to the show (unconfirmed guest star) and they have to square off. The rivalry will potentially be in a few episodes. The next season of the show will also reveal what happened when Detective Peralta was undercover.

Brooklyn 99’s season premiere is Sunday, September 28 on Fox.