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Marché des Possibles. Design by Pete and Vegas. Marché des Possibles. Design by Pete and Vegas. Credit Pete & Vegas |"

Mile End get ready for an outdoor market of your own. This is no Jean Talon or Atwater market either. Starting July 11 and lasting through August 31, the Marché des Possibles is true to the spirit of the Mile End neighbourhood. One of the coordinators and curators of the market, Vincent Dostaler, talked about its conception.

The goal was to create a market that aligned with the atmosphere of the neighbourhood. “We’ll trying to create a zone where people in the neighborhood can exchange arts, culture, and create that unique vibe. It’s a community, a new space in the neighborhood where all ages and all backgrounds can exchange,” Dostaler says.

The idea came from the city of Montreal itself. Dostaler explains that the city wanted to revitalize the northeast part of Mile End. “The city was backing us,” Dostaler says. “They were helpful.”

The artsy ambiance of Mile End is embraced in the market’s design. Pete and Vegas are designing the market. Pete and Vegas are a local architecture and design firm responsible for creating urban projects that are both useful and dynamic. Some of their previous projects in urban spaces include the Jardins sur Rue: Marché solidaire Frontenac, and Mobilier Transplantable au Metro Frontenac. The company was chosen after a closed call to companies in the Mile End area. “We wanted a young, start-up business from the neighborhood,” says Dostaler.

Marché des Possibles. Image by Pete and Vegas.

Marché des Possibles. Image by Pete and Vegas.

The market will offer both fresh farmer’s produce and mostly artisanal offerings. For example, there is clothing, jams (try the Preservation Society), baked goods, and other prepared items. Some of the things for sale will include the gorgeous popcicles of the Secret Society of Sweets. Their popcicles include both fruit and vegetables, as well as others containing edible flowers. For the perfect syrup to make a perfect cocktail, check out Les Charlatans. Though they only have three types of syrups available (Orange and Rosemary, Lime and Pepper, and Ginger), each one is exquisite.
Like other open air markets in the city, like Atwater and Jean Talon, the Marché des Possibles also has space for some food trucks.

One unique feature of the Marché des Possibles is its German-style biergarten. “The biergarten is a big part of the project,” says Dostaler. “We’re going to transform a shipping container into a small bar. It will be possible to drink beer or wine all summer long during our hours of operation.” Aside from just being fun, Dostaler notes that there aren’t a lot of outdoor spaces in Mile End where one can drink.

Non-food artisanal goods are available too and many will be familiar from Puces Pop, who helped with the selection. For example, there are the soft and cute monsters made by Curious Little Bird are for sale. The unique recycled products of Les Redoreuses are instantly likeable. Taking doorknobs, faucet heads, and other old objects, this company turns them into coat racks and key hangers.

Overall, there are over 100 different artists selling prepared food and non-food-stuffs at the market. In order to accommodate, the sellers will rotate every weekend. Dostaler is working out the schedule so that each artist can come for, hopefully, 2-3 weekends. The produce, however, will likely be sold by the same farms.

Marché des Possibles. Design by Pete and Vegas.

Marché des Possibles. Design by Pete and Vegas.

Another thing that makes this space particular to Mile End is the cultural programming that accompanies the market. The market begins with a launch party featuring Dead Man Get Up, Mathematique, Brad Barr (of the Barr Brothers), and a solo show by hip hop-klezmer whiz Socalled. on July 11, the line up of summer programming will be announced.

If the market is a success, Dostaler expects it will continue. “I think that if people join and it’s a success, I don’t see why we wouldn’t do it another year,” he says. “We’re focusing on this year, and we’re hoping to bring next year.”

The Marché des Possibles located at St. Dominique and Bernard is open from July 11 to August 31 on Friday 3 p.m. – 11 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sundays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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