Swedish Artists who Sing in English: First Aid Kit, Lykke Li and Mind Fox

Stay Gold by First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit, a Swedish country-folk-pop duo released their third studio album, Stay Gold, on June 10. Johanna and Klara Söderberg’s (the two sisters who form First Aid Kit) sound has matured over the years. Stay Gold has more country pop influences; the Söderberg sisters slightly moved away from their initial folk sound but yet they still perfectly capture that “folk” feeling. This whole album has an optimistic outlook on a gloomy life. It’s really hard for me to compare their sound to any other artist but I do have to say that they have that undeniable 70s happy-sad hippie feeling.

Fave songs: Stay Gold, My Silver Lining, Waitress Song.

I Never Learn by Lykke Li

Lykke Li: 'If I’m onstage and it’s warm and I don’t want to wear pants I’m a victim, but if Iggy Pop

I Never Learn is Lykke Li’s shortest album, composed mainly of breakup and heartache ballads. Every song is filled with soft sounds, with a lot of prominent background drums with echo elements. This album almost reflects the vibes of Lana del Rey’s Ultraviolence, but with slightly softer Nelly Furtado vocals. The album’s title, I Never Learn fits perfectly this collection of sad love songs. Love songs never get old and Lykke Li seems to have mastered how to transform sadness into beautiful sounds on I Never Learn.

Fave songs: I Never Learn, Just Like a Dream, No Rest for the Wicked.

Ringarang by Mind Fox

Mind Fox

Mind Fox

I stumbled upon Mind Fox while browsing new album releases on bandcamp. There isn’t much info about the band itself, the only thing I’ve gathered is that the band was started by two childhood friends and evolved to become Mind Fox. Also apparently their live shows are spectacular. Mind Fox’s sound reminds me a lot of a softer Phoenix. A lot of their songs are slow and draggy; they totally have movie soundtrack potential (kind of like Radiohead). Since I mentioned Radiohead I should also say that there’s a slight 90s vibe emitting from Mind Fox. I’m so happy I found this band.

Fave songs: Key, Parts of a Loss, Blur