To Do TONIGHT: Anna Aaron Lights Up @ Montreal En Lumiere

See Anna Aaron @ L'Astral on Feb 27

Anna Aaron. Photo by Sabine Burger Anna Aaron. Photo by Sabine Burger

Anna Aaron’s new album “Neuro” begins soft and full of almost-sadness, you can tell this album is not about vengeance per se but still feeling strong after someone has wronged you. I think everyone needs this kind of album once and a while. People say that laughter is the best medicine, but I would prescribe this album who likes Florence and The Machine, St. Vincent or CHVRCHES.

With drums that tell you how to move your body and singing that makes you want to sing along, this album is anthemic. A good example of the merge of sad notes that follow a strong beat is the track Linda. If I was trying to give a genre to the album, that would be like trying to group every Beatles album into the same genre (clearly a mistake).

I give the album an A- because the album is dripping with soul and talent, it makes me feel like I have solidarity with Anna Aaron as a human being. Each of the songs sounds like it was made to be played live, and luckily she is playing at L’Astral tonight for part of Montreal en Lumiere.  The album is physical and spiritual, and it deserves to be heard live above anything.  If you can’t make her performance tonight, she is also opening for Stephan Eicher on February 28th at Theatre Maisonneuve.

Tickets for Anna Aaron’s February 27th performance can be purchased here.