The 28 Longest Days of My Life: Week Three

Slow Wine 2015. Photo Esther Szeben. Slow Wine 2015. Photo Esther Szeben.

Week three of sober February and I’m going strong! I’ve found that I’m thinking less about when I’ll (finally) get to have a beer. Not drinking is actually starting to feel pretty natural to me. I guess it’s true when they say it takes two weeks to break a habit!

This past week, I did venture somewhat out of my sober comfort zone (AKA my apartment) and went to a bar. I was craving the social setting, more than anything. Also, the sweet potato fries. I wanted to do something that felt normal to me, even if I’m not my “normal” self at the moment. I also thought it would be an interesting challenge to go to my favourite bar and not have any beer. So I went, with a friend in tow, and we had delicious bar food and watched the hockey game. He had a beer; I, proudly, did not. I did, however, order a Virgin Caesar (I realize I haven’t mentioned my love for Caesars before, but it’s quite soul-consuming) and it was delicious. NextDoor does a mean Caesar, booze or no booze. I surprised myself with how patient and accommodating I was to the drunkards around us. I especially surprised myself with my gentle friendliness towards the overly-friendly, clearly intoxicated dude at the table next to us, even as he tried to give my friend and I sage life advice about Montreal and love (he was convinced my friend and I would make the perfect couple; not even his sexual aversion to women could stop us).

Overall, it was nice to leave the bar and walk home (all two blocks) in a relaxed, sober state of mind instead of it being a race against my bladder, as it usually is after I’ve had a few pints. It was also pretty awesome discovering how easy it is for me to go to a bar (even my very favourite) and not be tempted to drink. Before this past week, I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I can and it feels great! Also, Virgin Caesars are my new sober February favourite.