New Music From the UK That You Need To Know About

Luke Sigal Singh. Photo S. Gullick Luke Sigal Singh. Photo S. Gullick

Luke Sital-Singh’s music is like comfort food for your ears. With soft sounds and thoughtful lyrics, you can easily get carried away by the song. It is nothing something you’re going to be dancing to on a Saturday night but will keep you cozy on Sunday afternoon. It is well worth listening to everything thing Luke has to offer on his Spotify page, and if you happen to be in Europe you can catch him at a gig.  He will be playing at London’s Southbank Centre and HowTheLightGetsIn festival this summer. This festival is one of a kind, describing itself as a philosophy and music festival where people come to enjoy music, debates, comedy and more.

If you fancy a more upbeat British singer-songwriter, George Ezra has recently released his second album ‘Staying at Tamara’. This album is begging to be the soundtrack of you next road trip or to brighten your daily commute. With the silky and deep voice carrying you across groovy baselines, there is not much to do but dance and long for travel when listening to this album. It is a real treat for the ears and will have you smiling, dancing, or both. George Ezra will be in Montreal on April 21st and at a variety of festivals in across Europe this summer.