Truth or Dare: Non-scariest horror movie ever

Truth or Dare Truth or Dare

Is it weird for a horror movie about unlikeable people playing a nice game of ‘truth or dare’ to be so unintentionally funny? Guess so! Directed by Jeff Wadlow, Truth or Dare is a pretty self-explanatory horror film about a group of college students going on a trip to Mexico and playing ‘truth or dare’ out of boredom in a creepy place. What starts off as a seemingly nice game between friends turns into a complete nightmare. If you don’t tell the truth, you die. If you don’t do the dare, you die. Interesting idea, but weird execution.

The movie is categorized in the horror genre, but unfortunately it’s not even that scary. Jeff Wadlow, known for directing Kick-Ass 2, could have been the right guy to bring some gruesome scenes into the big screen. But he doesn’t seem to properly focus on the idea of survival, and you notice it right away the moment you see the first dare happening on screen. However, since it’s rated PG-13, you can tell the editors had to choppily edit the film in order to make sure the death scenes don’t look too brutal and intense for the audience. It’s quite a shame, because it really takes you out of it and it doesn’t make you care about any of the characters. It’s wasted potential, and it could have had an R rating in order to make the movie more intense. Also, whenever a character starts having a creepy grin, it’s unintentionally hilarious to look at. It’s supposed to be a terrifying moment, but you just can’t help but laugh really hard.

The cast is functional, but no one stands out as a memorable character. They’re all bland, uninspired and unlikeable people that you don’t want to root for. They all have minimal character development, and you’ll even forget some of their names as the movie goes on. When they die, you just don’t care.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

The script, written by Michael Reisz, Jillian Jacobs, Chris Roach, and Jeff Wadlow, is actually pretty terrible. The third act is very sluggish, and it shows the screenwriters struggling to come up with a good ending. Not only is it stupid, but it’s also convoluted. The first and the second act are tolerable, but the finale just keeps dragging down the pacing. Also, it’s predictable from start to finish. It’s easy to figure out who’s going to die and who’s going to live, and you’ll be disappointed that your predictions are right.

Truth or Dare had good potential, but the final product is really underwhelming. You understand what the filmmakers are trying to do with an interesting concept like this, but the execution is very messy and boring. With a horrible script, slow finale, and dumb characters, the film is definitely not worth watching. If you want to see this so badly, don’t see it as a horror movie. Just imagine it’s an unintentional comedy when you’re seeing characters die in boring and uninspired ways. Truth or Dare is the funniest and non-scariest horror movie ever.

Truth or Dare is now playing in theatres.

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