Passion for The Road. Review: Kim Churchill

Kim Churchill Kim Churchill

There is something overly admirable about a free spirited soul. And this is exactly how I felt seeing Kim Churchill perform on Sunday evening. Touring with Canadians Matt Andersen and Steve Hill, these three talented musicians created an incredible atmosphere at the Salle André-Mathieu Theatre in Laval. What has been a whirlwind of a tour with 16 shows in 18 days, has been nothing but a blast says Churchill. 

Kim Churchill

Kim Churchill

The tour is perfect timing for the release of Kim Churchill’s latest album, Silence/Win. Released this week, his performance showcases all his latest works which he so proudly performs. A talented young Australian, Churchill is a folk, rock and blues singer and songwriter. His passion began as a young boy and simply increased exponentially as he has grew older. Leaving home after school, and truly beginning life as a touring musician, he has been on the move non-stop since 2008.

Now, three albums, many performances and an incredible adventure later, he once again finds his way to Montreal, a city which has inspired many of his songs and his singing and songwriting career on the whole.  Strongly influenced by this wonderfully multi-cultural, bilingual and unique metropolis, Churchill says, “this city has a certain magic to it.” But also, he is strongly influenced by the beauty of nature. And in true Australian fashion, the ocean is a strong and influential aspect to Churchill’s creativity. “The ocean brings out a certain powerlessness within a person… This inspires a similar day-to-day mindset and therefore you became so immersed in life,” he says.

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And this is clearly evident in his music. On stage, barefoot and loving life, Churchill’s vibe is relaxed and whimsical. He clearly loves what he does, and loves sharing his art with the world. His friendly smile, his wild blonde hair and his outward gaze towards the audience is a beautiful sight.

The performance on the whole was incredible. Complementing one another brilliantly, Churchill, Andersen and Hill rocked out on stage for a solid gold performance in its entirety. Ending on a brilliant note, the three musicians combined their talents to play various well known and well loved songs. They made magic happen.

Kim Churchill performed at the Salle André-Mathieu Theatre on March 30th with Matt Andersen and Steve Hill. His new album, Silence/Win was released on April 1st.