Phenomena Festival: Atypical Artists Take the Stage

The Trouble With Twenty One Realities. Photo Celia Spenard-Ko The Trouble With Twenty One Realities. Photo Celia Spenard-Ko

Those of us who are lured and charmed by experimental shows, music and theatre will be thrilled to know that the Phenomena Festival is back and running. This year, Phenomena brings to the stage more than 110 absolutely unique artists scattered across 40 shows, packed in seven days and in different locations, from La Sala Rossa, to Casa Del Popolo, as well the Cabaret du Mile-End, Espace Go, and many more.

Created in 2012, the Phenomena Festival characterizes itself by offering a platform to all the unclassified, deviant artists outside the typical artistic sphere. The festival has been created by Les Filles Électriques, stand out of the lot through their organization of atypical events which cannot be classified anywhere else. Founded in 2001, and twice deemed finalists for the Grand Prix du Conseil des Arts de Montréal, Les Filles Électriques is a company dedicated to the creation and production of daring shows, venturesome performances and poetic events.

Blood and Glass. Photo Andi State

Blood and Glass. Photo Andi State

“Our goal is to render avant-gardiste and audacious culture available to all, to an initiated and non-initiated public which is what makes Phenomena such a unique and effervescent festival, followed by a whole community of artists and audiences,” says D Kimm, Les Filles Électriques’ artistic director, a wonderful eccentric woman bursting with new dream-fuelled ideas she endeavors to make reality for the sake of artists who are still looking for their place on stage. D Kimm welcomes these artists with open arms.

The 2014 Phenomena Festival includes a variety of shows such as experimental theatre, dance, installations and concerts. The festival opens up on Friday October 17th, at Le Cabaret du Mile-End (5240, avenue du Parc), with a retro-futuristic themed performance by Cabaret Dada. This performance embodies the ideal futuristic view of the ’50s and ’60s. The audience will be transported into a world beyond the imaginary.

SQUAT. Photo Adrienne Surprenant

SQUAT. Photo Adrienne Surprenant

This year, Phenomena will also be hosting performances by artists such as the mystifying Lisa Moore in her new band project Blood and Glass, the contortionist Andréanne Leclerc, the comedian Simon Boulerice, Alexis O’Hara and Stephen Lawson in their musical project 10 000 Horses, and of course, the trio composed of Marie Brassard, Jonathan Parent and Alexandre St-Onge in their show Le Monde Sans Nous. And of course, Ben Frost, Australian musician and producer, will gratify his public with his new project, A U R O R A, a mix of cinematographic ambiences and industrialized landscapes mingled with sounds that go from rock to opera.

The spotlight will equally rain on dancers such as Helen Simard, Karen Fennell and Jackie Gallant in their unique dance performance The Trouble With Twenty One Realities. Also, to the menu this year, atypical presentations by Le Collectif and Dans son salon, who will unite in order to offer their audience a creative show about the end of the world. Dancer Andrew Tey will also be present in his haunting and spiritual performance Summoning Aesthetics.

Many more artists will hop on stage during the festival. Come out all singers, dancers, lovers of art and dreams.

Phenomena begins on Friday October 17 and ends October 24. The prices range between 8$ and 23$, and can be bought on site one hour before each show.