POP Montreal 2014 Presents: Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy Fisher - Press Photo Jeremy Fisher - Press Photo

This year at POP Montreal there are so many great artists, I couldn’t make a decision about who to see each night so I let their app choose for me. Last night I went to see Ottawa-native Jeremy Fisher and I was very happy to find he was just my cup of tea.

Fisher is the kind of performer who you see and you begin thinking two things simultaneously: i) this guy is really talented ii) I think I might be in love with him. They always say that men learn guitar to achieve romantic success, and in the case of Jeremy Fisher I don’t know if that was his intention but it’s definitely working for him. His music is so heartfelt and relatable, that I felt like I had been listening to him for a while instead of hearing him for the first time.

What’s even better is that he clearly felt very comfortable on stage, and I feel like it closed the distance between audience and performer. Fisher plays from the heart, and his voice is very well suited for his type of music. He is somewhere on the folk-spectrum for sure; Fisher’s voice is just between raspy and smooth and it fits his music really well.

This performance is a good example of what is so special about POP Montreal. This festival brings hundreds of talented artists to Montreal, and allows Montrealers to get to know new music without having to travel very far. The city is currently filled with so many amazing artists it’s enough to make your head spin. Each of them is just as amazing as the next, and the shows are scattered across the city. That’s beneficial too – it helps to go outside of your own bubble once and a while. I always forget how interesting other parts of the city are until I get to see them.

Jeremy Fisher played at POP Montreal 2014.