Red Skies : Raising The Metal Bar with Debut Iron Sun

red skies red skies

Article by Nick Bevillard

On October 13th, the Montreal metal band Red Skies will launch their debut album called Iron Sun. I wasn’t familiar with their previous work but the band has been active since 2012. They released a first single sponsored by Beheading the Traitor called “Apostle”.
They began recording Iron Sun in March 2015 with Antoine Lussier from 357 Productions. I must admit he did a good job, because the album sound pretty clean.

The band describes the album as a “[c]oncept album meant to depict recollections and warnings from an age before the collapse of our planet at the hands of those more interested in profit than our survival. The title ‘Iron Sun’ is a metaphor for this downfall, representative of our encased and suffocated potential brought forth by the misuse of technology fueled by our greed.”

I asked them what their influences are and they responded, “Architects, Bring me the Horizon, Parkway Drive, Meshuggah, Tool, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Deftones amongst many others!” Their answer didn’t surprise me because I also feel many different influences throughout “Iron Sun,” which is what makes it different from other bands in the same genre.

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The songs are like a little speeches trying to make us remember what world we really live in. The album starts with an intro, “Permian Era,” and oh, boy, it really sets you in the mood to start a little revolution. The straightforward lyrics and the message at the beginning represent a generation of kids tired of what the society is doing. Cody Dodds, the vocalist usually comes up with the lyrics for the songs along with Justin Furtado.

The third song “Rough Sleepers” is one of my favorite on this album. The vibe for the intro with the sync added by Lussier, and the piano outro performed by their drummer Maxym Wilk is just what I’m looking for in a progressive metalcore band. It’s super catchy and the rest of the song is actually heavy. I bet this song would be a big hit live. Tevan Crooks also does a good job on the bass and I’d like to give Charlie Ray Legault a special mention for the incredible leads. The solo in “Norrin Radd” is one example of his talent.

After four heavy songs, the band gives us some time to breathe a little. The fifth song called “Sonder” makes you wonder, no pun intended. The poetic lyrics accompanied by the piano is a pretty sweet interlude but don’t let your guard down. No, don’t be fooled! Right after comes MY favorite song of the album “Concept Citizen”, the perfect combination between heavy and melodic. I guess I have been waiting for something like this to come out for a while now.

I’m not a big fan of metalcore but I honestly enjoyed this album! All nine songs are original and deserve a listen. Personally, other metalcore bands should listen to this and takes notes. Red Skies took a bit of everything of what the industry is doing but nothing is overused. Breakdowns, electro, and cleans vocals really blend well overall in each of each songs. I found myself head-banging at the heavy parts and really appreciated the melodic aspects. Overall Its a great album. If I had to give a grade, I’d say 9 out of 10, only because I don’t want these guys to get over-confident. Ha ha.

Finally I asked them if they had a release show for the album and they responded,”Yes, October 29th is the day when we’ll finally get to share the fruits of this last year’s labor. It’s going to be at the newly renovated Piranha Bar and we’ll be sharing the stage with some of our great and talented friends from Montreal (Amongst Heroes, Kennedy, Eyes of Sinners and Saul Hittner).”

For my part, I will surely be there to watch these local bands and I can’t wait to see what Red Skies are going to give live. Be sure to come support your Metal scene and of course, download their album “Iron Sun” on October 13th!

Red Skies’ Iron Sun is out October 13. Their release show is October 29 at Piranha Bar (680 St Catherine W) with Amongst Heroes, Kennedy, Eyes of Sinners, and Saul Hittner. 7 p.m. Tickets $15/18 includes copy of Iron Sun or digital download of album.