Review: Dans les Bras de Morphée

Photo Do Phan Hoi. Dans Les Bras De Morphee

In this show aimed at a young audience, choreographer Helen Simard, five performers, and a musician on stage cast a new light on the surreal worlds we frequent at night.

Simard orchestrates a surprising and playful group piece in which the boundaries of reality are constantly redefined. Repetition, combined with spatial patterns creates a superb, hypnotic, dreamlike performance. This fantastic show opens with a spotlight focused on the guitarist, who accompanies the dancers with his repetitive chords. While the music transforms, a parade of creatures, funny, mysterious, energetic or calm, come to the stage . More and more images emerge in the mists of sleep. The dreamer dares to dive into this plunge of imagination and he travels through the performance, meeting strange beings, masked and skillfully manipulated by the strong ensemble of dansers who give it their all.

I was lucky to be surrounded by young kids who talked when strong images appeared, ‘Oh look at the shadow,” “Ooh there is someone looking behind the curtain,” and so on.

During 50 minutes, we encountered outbursts of madness, a fantastic bestiary of masks and lighting effects, and ingenious references to video games and comic books.

Dans Les Bras de Morphée is a refreshing performance for young and old because whether we are big or small, the night plays tricks on us… magic tricks, blurring the boundaries between conscious and subconscious. A must see!

Dans les Bras de Morphée was held at Agora de la danse on February 10th.