9 Lives, 8 Near-Misses: Life Lessons From Near-Death Events

Paul-de-Tourreil Paul de Tourreil

Back by popular demand… postitpaul’s award-winning solo show 9 Lives, 8 Near Misses: Life Lessons From Near-Death Events returns to the Mainline Theatre!

Paul Shanker de Tourreil is a beautiful storyteller!

This solo show premiered at the 2023 Montreal Fringe Festival to sold-out houses, standing ovations, and critical acclaim. It was nominated for the Just For Laughs Outstanding Comedy Award, and won for Outstanding Poster Design. A French-language version will premiere at the 2024 Montreal Fringe Festival.

The award-winning Sarit Klein directed an engaging one-man show. In this tight-knitted kaleidoscopic performance, written and performed by de Tourreil, we follow a diversity of live experiences. This unique Swiss-Indian ninja and Frankie Award-winner is a kung fu cat with nine lives, but after decades careening through bizarre, sometimes comical misadventures, he’s down to his last life.

Paul brings his audience close by bribing them with chocolates and powerful corporeal storytelling about
a car crash full of kids, a knife-wielding madman, true love, toxic masculinity and the perils of both, among other stories are shared with us in approximately an hour.

9 Lives, 8 Near-Misses lets the audience reflect on their own lives, lets them laugh and be touched. The stories are honest, vulnerable, relatable, poignant, funny and introspective. This show is warm and sincere and not to be missed. Book your ticket and enjoy great storytelling by de Tourreil in an intimate setting.

9 Lives, 8 Near-Misses is at the Mainline Theatre on February 17, 23, and 24. Click HERE for details.

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    Thank you so much for your kinds words!

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