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Amy Schumer Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer’s brutal honesty and sometimes disturbing sense of humour are what made her a household name and, shortly after, just one of the many people the internet has “cancelled.”

I’m not here to debate that.

I’m four months pregnant, seriously uncomfortable and looking for anyone who can relate. I’m tired of being told that pregnancy is such a beautiful experience. I keep checking my invisible watch like, when is that gonna happen?!

So my interest was piqued when I saw Amy’s pregnancy themed stand up special on my Netflix homepage. Doubly so when less than 10 minutes in she said, “If you had a good pregnancy, like if you’re someone who enjoyed being pregnant, I just hope your car flips over.” Nailed it.

Amy covers all the ugliest sides of this “beautiful” experience, from exorcist-style vomiting (her brilliant comparison) to letting one’s body hair go wild. At one point she mentions suddenly considering an abortion, and the disgusting carbonated water I’m being forced to drink exploded out of my nose.

Yes, it hurt. But it was worth it.

Not to get all women-are-literal-goddesses on you here but one thing that truly does stand out to me is just how badass you have to be to be entertaining while suffering — though she did joke that she was only there because she was contractually obligated to be, and not because she’s brave or anything.

But I disagree. Do you know how brave you have to be to dare say anything negative about an experience so many women have lied to us about? Ali Wong’s Netflix special from last year comes to mind as well. It’s refreshing to hear women admit that they aren’t enjoying the journey, and also to realize that that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to enjoy the destination once they get there. Pregnancy and motherhood are not the same thing. I don’t care what anyone says.

Amy also touches on subjects such as intimate relationships, periods, how hard life is for men (heavy sarcasm), and she pokes plenty of fun at herself along the way too.

This brand of comedy may be nothing more than a horrifying experience for some but if you are, ever were, or are planning to be pregnant, and you either already have or currently are being told that it’ll be the best experience of your life, I urge you to sit down with this special. For one hour of your life you’ll get the uncensored version of what the maternity blogs feed you. With a side of laughter, it tastes much better.

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