Reviewed by Robyn: BAHAMAS & The Barr Brothers Create A Special Night at Metropolis


Last night at Metropolis, the building filled with fans of The Barr Brothers and even a few Bahamas fans like myself. Each of the bands played a great sets, but what’s weird is how different – a good different – from their recorded albums each artists was. The crowd was alive with indie rock angst and nearly everyone I saw had a drink; it’s safe to assume mostly everyone enjoyed the performances.

After listening to Bahamas earlier this year, I was really excited to hear what Afie Jurvanen’s band sounds like in person. When the set first started, I was unsure if the group was the same as listed. I couldn’t help but think maybe a last minute change had happened, and they brought in a different opener. Needless to say I was not expecting what I saw, and this was for the best. Bahamas is surprisingly exciting and loud on stage; the group comes together to create music that changes as if it is alive. In concert, the calm yet catchy tunes reveal the hidden complexity of each song.

Jurvanen’s guitar playing really blew me away. He looked very comfortable on stage and confident in himself and his talent. His movement on stage as well as his precise guitar playing really stole my attention, leaving me wanting more when their 45 minute set was over. To me, they weren’t playing as if they were opening for another artist. Bahamas have a very strong stage presence that made it seem as if they were the only group of the night.

I could say a lot of the same things about The Barr Brothers performance. After listening to their new album “Sleeping Operator” a few times, I didn’t know what expect other than folk music. This band formed in Montreal, and I have a theory that bands will always play their best shows in the cities that connected them. Once again, my theory was proven true last night with the amazing performance given by The Barr Brothers.

The band made their performance seem connected to the audience in a way that is truly unique. I felt as if they considered the audience to be their friends – maybe because they actually did have friends in the crowd, anyways the performance seemed natural and like they wanted us to enjoy our evening. I really appreciate this as a concert go-er and it makes the music seem so much better.

With all of the light and funky folk being played, it was impossible not to groove along to the songs. The night was full of really amazing music and was fun in a special way. I felt as if I was at a friend’s performance; and in the hour of so that The Barr Brothers were on stage I swear I was connected to them in a unique-Montreal way. All in all, it was  great night and I would definitely see either group again.