Reviewed by Robyn: Madonna & Nicki Minaj Are Killing It

Nicki Minaj – Pinkprint

Nicki Minaj has released her new album “Pinkprint” which includes the single “Anaconda”. If you were not a fan of this song, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that the album is much better than that song. Nicki is known for being confident as being a female rapper, and she definitely put her own funk into every track.

I won’t go as far as to say every track on the album will be a hit, but at least half of the songs on the album are hit worthy. What is interesting is the range of genres she has combined on her album. There are songs like “Pills N Potions” which is very mellow and heartfelt. This is a good side of Nicki Minaj which doesn’t get popularized enough. She has another track that is about her relationship with her family as a huge pop star; again this song is very heavy and shows a deeper side to her music.

This being said, she also has songs like “Feelin Myself”(featuring Beyonce) which are all about the artists and how hot they know they are. As a fan, it is a nice confident boost when you sing along and pretend to be as fly as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

The album has some amazing features and the album is pretty strong overall. I give “Pinkprint” a B+ as it has a good variety of tracks and there will be some big hits off this album.

Madonna – Rebel Heart
Madonna has released a preview of her album “Rebel Heart” as an early gift to her fans. Well, not exactly. Someone leaked some of her music, six of the songs were unfinished tracks from her new album and some of the songs were not even going to make it onto the album. Instead of throwing a Hollywood-style tantrum, she had those six songs finished and released them.

Every single one of those songs is amazing. Madonna has been the Queen of Pop for decades, and it is extremely clear that she will not relinquish the throne. From working with the best producers such as Diplo and Skrillex and mixing EDM, pop, and choral singing Madonna has created pop songs that emulate the whole genre while improving it. Her classic style and talent are infused into each song, making the whole pre-album amazing.

It is rare that an artist will stay relevant for as long as Madonna, but after listening to these new tracks it is easy to hear why. Madonnna has always been innovative, and it is amazing that someone who is in her 50s is more creative and more talented than so many of today’s pop stars.

I have no choice but to give Madonna an A+, she has handled a horrible situation with so much grace and produced such an amazing album (so far). I cannot wait to her the rest of “Rebel Heart”.