Reviewed by Robyn: The Elwin’s Played & Kept My Heart

What a night to go out in Montreal, Saturday March 14th! The heavy wet snow seemed to be ignored by everyone on Rue St. Denis, as there seemed to be an air of happiness in the crowds. Luckily, I was able to head out to see The Elwin’s with my mother. Just saying, we both loved the performance.

The atmosphere of the night was so perfect, with dampness and the faint smell of local beers adding the perfect background to the indie tunes. Indie Montreal outdid themselves once again as the night ended with perfect timing and I cannot get over how much everyone was dancing. I felt like asking, “Hello? Am I the only one who forgot to put on their dancing shoes?”

The Elwin's. Photo by Vanessa Heins.

The Elwin’s. Photo by Vanessa Heins.

The Elwin’s are true professionals – they thanked the amazing openers a few times and really knew how to get the night roaring. Every person in the building had to give up any pretense of being too cool to have fun as soon as they hit the stage. The murmur of excitement as they did a quick sound check. The lovely anticipatory moment before the music started. All of this combined with the amazing and uncontrollable dance moves… I can’t say more can I?

What’s even cooler is that The Elwin’s are heading to SXSW and I got to experience a bit of Austin, TX here in Montreal. I truly felt like I was somewhere much much warmer as they played. In the coming weeks, there will even be an interview with the group about how it feels to come from Canada and play at such a legendary festival.

I wonder, which place yields the better crowd? Montreal on a snowy night, at a cool venue, filled with awesome dancers? Or the legendary SXSW?