Saudade Release Party Review

L.A. Foster L.A. Foster

Article by Tony Wang

Great energy. Great vibes. Great atmosphere.

These are the only things that I can say after watching L.A. Foster’s performance at L’Emerald on November 28th for her Saudade EP release and farewell party.

Scott Harware and John Shape, a.k.a Beaver Sheppard, did their thing during their hour sets. Scott Hardware and his band put together a great start to the show. John Shape brought the vibes to the next level with his interesting and hallowing vocals accompanied by incredibly spacious beats. However, it wasn’t until Foster’s set that things really set into motion.

Taking center stage, she bursted onto the scene with the track ‘How Long’ from her new EP. The groove laced, summer heat vibes of the track immediately brought the mellow patrons to their feet. Many started getting down, dancing without a care, following the sounds of Foster’s beautiful vocals and the eclectic rhythms of the production.

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As her hour set continued on, more and more patrons stood up to partake in the infectious dance energy that has, by now, permeated the venue. Song after song, the eager crowd flood the little performance space that Foster had carved for herself when she began. By the time she’s onto her EP track ‘Coulda Been 2’, about thirty or forty minutes into her set, her performance stage had become the dance floor, and Foster herself had been swallowed up by her adoring fans and friends.

It was insanity. But it was insanity laced with positivity, three cups of hype and with a dash of neverending summer. Much like a beach party pushed into overdrive, extending well into the night whilst preserving the sunshine and good times.

However, soon enough, it was time for the end. Foster concludes the night with her EP track ‘495’. At this point, no one was sitting down. People were certainly without care. The energy within the venue was tremendous. I could’ve swore that I saw the camera man and several of the servers grooving. But I don’t know and frankly did not care as I myself found a partner and started grooving. But soon enough, the rhythmic beat trailed off accompanied by Foster repeating “but that just, ain’t me”. A repetition which soon became a chant carried by the crowd. Even as the music cut off, the chant continued. It went on, and on, and on for eternity. And finally, the chanting culminated in a booming and collective ovation for Foster, bringing the show to a close.

It was a wonderful show to say the least. Despite it being a rather short show, it has nonetheless given me new appreciation for and understanding of Foster’s EP. And I think that everyone should consider checking it out or pick it up. If anything, please, when the opportunity presents itself, check out Foster’s live performances. There is something beautiful about seeing her perform live that shouldn’t be missed. Something about the mix of energy, positivity and heated passion really made this release event something unforgettable.

And finally, I wish L.A. Foster a farewell on her journey into the future. I hope she brings her level of passion to wherever she goes and brings these great vibes to new audiences worldwide. And also, I wish Scott Hardware and John Shape all the best as they continue to develop their sound and introduce is to a wider audience.

Saudade is out now and available on Band Camp.