Seeing Double in Hudson

The Double. Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton The Double. Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton

September is revving up and that means festivals downtown, froshies screaming airing out sweaters and cardigans, and just maybe, maybe a slow down to this epic bout of construction hell. But summer’s last gasp has not yet breathed its last and if you are looking to maxing out your outdoor fresh air quota before we all huddle down to the real business of merely staying alive in this ridiculous climate, Hudson Village Theatre will provide you with a great excuse to get out of town for an evening.

The Double, adapted from Dostoyevsky’s short story of the same name is on for eight (8) shows from Sept 8-11th and this Dora-nominated show looks really good. This show, created and produced by Bad New Days is touring with the original Toronto cast, company-founder Adam Paolozza and co-conspirator Viktor Lukowski, and featuring musician Ari Mirabdolbaghi in his acting debut, and is assistant directed by Lisa Marie DiLiberto. Paolozza and Lukowski are both LeCoq-trained (which features emphasis on mask, movement and clown), and so we can expect a lively showing, and quite frankly, I love seeing touring shows. It’s always enlightening to see what’s percolating in other places, and allows for a new perspective and new inspiration to strike.

The Double. Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton

The Double. Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton

The show is about an anxious government clerk, Golyadkin, that meets someone that looks strikingly like him, but is better at life than he is. His double is brash and courageous where he is timid, passionate where he is shrinking and confident where he is insecure. Is this person an actual mirror-image or is it paranoia on his part? The visuals look stunning and this show holds a ton of promise, not to mention the delight it will be to take ourselves off to Hudson for an afternoon to see it.

The Double. Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton

The Double. Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton

When I asked Paolozza why this material spoke to him at this time, he responded with the following:

Adam Paolozza: I think Dostoevsky’s story is timeless in that it relates to the current epidemic of anxiety that I think we all feel. We all have digital “doubles” nowadays, social media avatars that can sometimes seem to have a life of their own. Golyadkin, our “hero” is a lowly government clerk who tries desperately to keep up appearances in an irrational social mileu. This resonated with Arif (The bass player, composer and narrator of the piece, and huge Dosteyevsky fan), Viktor Lukawski – our co creator who joined us later- and myself. The Double shows how social pressures and anxiety can cause us to lose site of who we really are.” –

I think that this aesthetics-heavy piece will be worth the trek out of town for an evening, and I look forward to seeing what we are in store for.

The Double will be performed at the Hudson Village Theatre (28 Wharf Road, Hudson, J0P 1H0), from September 8-11th, matinees and 8pm showtimes, 27-29$ per ticket, check here for more details.

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