The Perfect Getaway at ShazamFest #19

People listening to music ShazamFest.

These past couple of weeks have been way too humid to say the least. Luckily for you there’s an affordable and very fruitful summer weekend idea if you’re needing to get away: ShazamFest!

What is ShazamFest you ask? Well, to sum it up in just a few words it’s:  live music, burlesque, comedy, art, circus, dance, wrestling, family activities, and workshops.

Alright, alright, those were more than a few words but something as spectacular as ShazamFest is not easily categorizable because it truly has a little bit of everything to offer. This fantastical idea was created by Ziv Przytyk all the way back in 2006.

Located in Barnston West close to Stanstead, QC and an hour and half drive from Montreal, ShazamFest is a great way to gather some friends and join the lovely four-day community that it creates.

At the end of the week, Shazammers will be able to see local franco musical acts such as the female fronted and up and coming punk band DVTR, Rau-Ze with their neo-soul, and the pop-rock Verre Moutarde. If you’re not into that type of music genre there is also reggae, ska, hip-hop, Brazilian, and 80’s infused acts. As someone who loves music, it’s impossible not to love the variety of music offered at ShazamFest. The best part is being off in the distance at your tent and following the music through the magical paths to the stage to find the source.

If you’re not able to find a sitter on short notice, bring the kids! There is a $35 nutritious meal option for kids packed with both meals and snacks as well as a KidzZone to keep them busy and amused with specially tailored activities and workshops. Children under the age of 14 get free admission to the whole weekend, how cool is that?!

As you now know, this is a camping weekend which means that you are permitted to bring your own food, alcohol, and snacks (just try to avoid single-use plastics!) and if you get too lazy, which I know many may be, there are a number of inclusive vegan, vegetarian, and carnivorous options.

If you do not have any camping gear, there is an affordable tent rental package which comes with all of the necessities for you, your friends and family.

Another amazing feature of ShazamFest is its devotion to creating a low waste, environmentally friendly event.  Even the stages for performers are constructed with recycled or reclaimed materials. On-site you will find bins for compost and recycling.

Since some of you have work when the festivals begins on Thursday, you will still be able to catch amazing acts even if you only do a couple of nights. The variety of acts and workshops are sprinkled expertly throughout the four days and Sunday admission is free if you just want to check out the overall vibe without camping.

Remember how I spoke about the heat? Well there is even a refreshing creek if you feel the need to take a dip in between performances and having another snack.

Alas, I am sure that I have been able to rule out any excuse that you try to make not to attend this event, there is a reason it will be my fifth time returning! If you have any remaining questions, make sure to check out the ShazamFest website.

ShazamFest will be happening on July 11, 12, 13, 14 at ShazamFest 2722 chemin de Way’s Mills, Barnston Ouest, Quebec. Info HERE.

See you there!

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