Serena : Lawrence and Cooper Together a Third Time

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

If you went to see Silver Linings Playbook  and you loved it as much as I did, or even if you saw American Hustle, then you should be as excited as I was to see on screen this duo for the third time: Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.


Serena is a movie directed by Susanne Bier, a Danish filmmaker inspired by the novel by Ron Rash published in 2008. To give you a little idea of the movie, the story takes place in the late 20s. George (Bradley) and Serena (Jennifer) meet by chance and directly fall in love, they marry and settle in the North Carolina’s Mountains where they plan to make fortune in the lumber industry. We can then see the evolution of a rare situation at that time, in fact Serena finds herself to be the equal of any man, which can be a problem in the village. Revelations of love, past stories, tragedies accumulate and make the couple more dramatic.




The best point of the film is undoubtedly in the sets and shooting locations, the images in the film are beautiful and make us travel without difficulty, it is important to say because without that I would have slept all the time… Even if the film is not very long (1:50) it is very slow and sometimes a bit annoying. The scenario, however, has a big potential at the beginning of the movie, it is indeed an untapped subject and it could have been very interesting.

Yet the more the film evolves the more it is empty and banal, and ended on a very painful and basic situation. The actors are still very well chosen and the Cooper / Lawrence couple is again very good. In short, it’s a beautiful film, which brings beautiful images and plans, but it is very slow, sometimes quite annoying, and I think the end was a big disappointment.

Serena is in theatres now.