ShazamFest Xll Festival Has It All in the Eastern Townships

ShazamFest. Photo Ashley Gaujean. Music. ShazamFest 2016. Photo Ashley Gaujean.

Have you ever thought to yourself: I know I like burlesque, music, being outside, and wacky performances with alcohol on top. Is this a thought that you have had?? Then you owe it to yourself to attend this year’s Shazamfest! Being already the 12th edition, this very unique festival is held outside of Montreal in the Eastern townships and will make you feel like you’ve stumbled inside of a fantastical land.

If your interest still has not been sparked, this festival also involves delicious locally made ice cream treats and eats, camping, a creek to take a dip in, and a variety of workshops. Have you ever wanted to try drumming? Well Shazamfest has Oriental, African or First Nations style of drumming. Have you been looking for a way to move your body but don’t know how?! Well there will be other physical types of workshops which include belly dancing, burlesque, and improv. If you’re feeling shy but still want to get your hands dirty there will also be a tie-dye workshop.

If you have always felt that in your heart you probably should be part of a circus, there’s also a workshop for that! Where else can you try and see if you can use a unicycle without being hit by a car?

Do you have children and want to use that as an excuse not to come? Well too bad because children are also welcome to this festival! Shazamfest becomes a small community where everyone appears familiar to you (because they’re so friendly) with children and adults blended together – some in costumes and some without. The festival’s creator Ziv Przytyk comes from the Eastern townships and holds the festival on his family’s organic farmland.

If you are not interested in moving your body at all or want to do something more low-key you could always lay in the field while hearing the music at a distance, (the Safety Dance perhaps?) or buy cute little trinkets or art from a vendor, stuff your face with barbecued food or do yoga.

The genres of music will also be a wide variety from Men Without Hat’s ’80s synth dancy goodness, Clay and Friends’ soul and funk and the punky Duchess Says.

Shazamfest makes it really hard to find something not to like. There is even a shuttle service from Montreal if you think that not having a car is a good excuse not to join.

For what you need, you’ll have to not forget to smile as that is the main necessity listed on the required supplies- think about it; if you have no food or camping gear, a smile can get you pretty far!

See the video from last year here.

ShazamFest takes place July 13th– 17th at Barnston West, QC. Weekend pass or individual day pass prices are listed here.

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