SHE SAID/HE SAID : A review in dialogue

She Said / He Said. She Said / He Said.


By Anne Marie Woods

Directed by Quincy Armou

An elderly female theatre reviewer takes a very young Playwrighting student to the theatre, and a conversation between the two ensues.

She Said / He Said.

She Said / He Said.

He Said:        Yeah yeah, I really liked it.


She said:      Tell me what you liked about it.


He said:         I liked the non-linear structure. The actors were awesome, and the woman could really sing.


She said:      Did you actually like the music? It wasn’t too old school for you? The lyrics, you liked the lyrics?


He said:         I did and I especially enjoyed the switching into a kind of hip hop with rhymes.


She said:       Do you think this was written with a target audience in mind?


He said:         Yes, well… it was at the Black Theatre Workshop and there were things that I could identify as targeting that community. Like, wasn’t sure whether you would get the “slow jam” reference.


She said:      Because I am just SO white? Actually that was easy. It was more about the issues of the Black woman and the Black Man, and how unique their problems were supposed to be. Maybe it was just a criticism of Toronto in general. I found them kind of cliché and a tad bit boring, but then again I am old and bored with the whole relationship thing.


He said:         I found it interesting, because even at my young age I have had a few relationships and I am just learning how they work, so it was not a bit boring.


She said:       There seemed to be no way to empathize with the two characters and there was no crisis or dénouement.


He said:         That’s true, It was just enjoyable, but there was no moment of catharsis.


She said:      There was no sex either. I felt no heat coming off that stage.


He said:         I guess it just didn’t come up.


She said:       It was the high school touring version of a relationship play. Thank you for coming to see it with me. Did you like the set?


He said:         Yes, I liked the runway feeling and the disco lights.


She said:       I liked the tiny disco lights on his bald head; that was the best part. Good job with that floor and Mylar panels. You really liked the music?


He said:         Mariah Inger can really sing. Yeah the music was not the best part.


She said:       So what would you do to make it better?


He said:         More dramaturgy?


She said:       More and better dramaturgy might actually work.

She Said / He Said.

She Said / He Said.

SHE SAID/HE SAID is playing until May 1 at the MAI. Tickets HERE. $25/20