Sketchfest on a Friday is Where You Want to Be

DéPFLIES Party. Theatre St. Catherine. Photo Claudel Lachapelle. Theatre Sainte Chatherine. Photo Claudel Lachapelle.
Sketchfest on the last Friday of the Fest is when they bring out the big guns. It is where you want to be. I lasted as long as I could before my tush literally could not take it anymore and it was a glorious mess and lovely end to my festival experience.Oh Dat Dum is an awesome group from Toronto that just… nailed it. They were a great mix of absurd and endearing and got the crowd in a great mood for what was to follow. I will forever remember that when in doubt, make the thing a cult. And touch your penises together. That’s when the magic happens.Junkyard Dukes, another Toronto group, was a bit bro-ey for me, but by the time that the tummy alien had a sandwich, they had won me over. While I personally cannot appreciate Don Cherry, a friend of mine who cares about hockey assured that it was brilliant. Also, they really had me with the beat down sketch. These guys have good bones, it was more of a question of personal taste than lack of skill, as they are a clearly talented bunch.

Peter N’ Chris…what to say… the only standing ovation of the night (perhaps of the Fest) and with damn good reason. This was TIGHT. Multiple universe Peter and Chris took us on a journey and had us in the palm of their hand, the entire time. These guys are pros and you laugh till you cry . There is no mistaking them, and you should really come see them during the Montreal Fringe Festival, happening mid-June, because these guys can really rock it.

I stayed for the first half of the second show of the night. 3rd Klass made me understand the importance and the joy that capes bring and why sleep is important for four year old sons. I think Cornwall Jesus was a bit too regional for us to really get the nuances, but it still landed. Also, making fun of Jean Claude Van Damme is of course, timeless.

Marty Topps. Holy Shit. He will make your ears bleed. He will make your ovaries ache. Jean Pants is Obvies a totes bitch. I will just say Songs. Tighty Whities. A Keytar. And the best creepo moustache this side of Dadsville. I want him to open for B.A. Johnson in the worse way. If you see that this guy is playing Montreal again any time soon, make the effort and check him out. He also sells CDs, which kind of scares me.

I apologize to the second half of the Friday night line-up, but my rear end could not take another hour. However, special shout out to host of the first half, Steph Tolev, who is an incredible (and incredibly dirty) stand-up and to Alain Merciera, who was of course, hilarious. Sketchfest, Happy 10th Anniversary. See you next year.