Stand-Up at the M Returns (and there is much rejoicing)

Jon Selig at Stand Up at the M Jon Selig at Stand Up at the M

I usually presume a hostel is merely a somewhat cheap and fun place to crash for a couple of nights while traveling. But after a two month hiatus, once again every Thursday, Montrealers, if a comedy night is your cup of tea (beer tea, that is), you should check out Stand-Up at the M. It’s located in the lobby of Montreal’s Central Hostel. Jon Selig, a comedian himself, has been running a comedy night at the hostel for about a year and a half. Don’t be shy if you’re not renting a room; it’s a half and half mix of locals and backpackers. In Jon’s words this Thursday in particular “comedy megastar” Mike Ward will be headlining the evening.

As shown in the video, I would only expect a ton of perfectly-inappropriate-head-shaking jokes. Thursday is hosted by John St. Goodard. Also on the stage will be comedians: DeAnne Smith, Abdul Butt, Morgan O’Shea, Emma Wilkie, Gina Granter, Shawn Stenhouse, and Jon Selig.

Stand-up at the M starts at 8:30pm. The cover charge is free but a donation is highly suggested… aka you’ll be “that guy” if you don’t. All the donations go to feeding hungry comedians, so you’ll sleep better at night. Last but not least your pitchers of beer will only be twelve bucks!

Comedy at the M takes place at the Mbar (1245 Rue St. Andre — back entrance) of Montreal Central Hostel (1586 St. Hubert) on April 17. 8:30 p.m.