Synapse Films Release Prom Night On Blu-Ray

Oh, how I miss the 80’s. Prom Night came out just around the beginning of the whole slasher craze (think flicks like Halloween, Friday The 13th, Black Christmas and so many more…), which unfortunately could be the main reason why it never received the respect it deserved. After all, it has everything that makes up a good slasher film from a mysterious killer, fun kills, cheesy acting to horny teens. I must of seen this film for the first time when I was eight or nine. I watched it with my dad (who was always really laid back when it came to letting me watch whatever I wanted because I could handle it and if not… Well, I’d have to deal with it!) and even though I can remember being scared, I loved every minute of it!

photo from cinemaslasher

photo from cinemaslasher

Paul Lynch’s Prom Night stars ’80s, it girl, scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis and funny man Leslie Nielsen. The movie starts off with a tragedy as most horror movies do. A young girl named Robin is taunted by her “friends” in an abandoned building. As her tormentors approach, she backs up toward a window and falls through the glass to her death. The kids make a pact to never speak of this again and take off in a hurry, and a known child molester is convicted for her death. Six years later, her parents (Nielsen and Antoinette Bower), sister Kim (Curtis), and brother Alex (Michael Tough) are still struggling with her death, especially on its anniversary, which also happens to be the evening of the high school prom. An unseen antagonist begins calling the kids involved in Robin’s death, asking if they’ll be going to prom. The film takes quite a while to pick up speed, but once the mayhem begins and the plot starts unraveling it’s quite the entertaining slasher flick. (If you do find yourself a bit bored in the first half hour of the movie, I’m sure the disco music and unibrowed high school bully will distract you!)

Overall, Synapse Films does a great job on their release of Prom Night on Blu-ray. It’s worth the time to check it out. My only complaint would be that the lighting in parts of this movie is really bad, and at times quite difficult to watch.

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