The Artistorian: Corno Brings Colour and Texture

Corno brings colour and texture to AKA Gallery

corno vernissage. photo Charles Giraud from Corno Studio website corno vernissage. photo Charles Giraud from Corno Studio website

Corno, based in New York for the last 25 years, is exhibiting her newest collection of paintings and drawings at Montreal’s AKA Gallery for the month of September. The works are explosions of colour, texture and movement surrounded by the white walls, floors and furniture of the elegant gallery.

Review and interview of Corno's exhibit at AKA Gallery.

The artist was also recently the subject of a documentary by Guy Édoin, Corno. Visitors are shown a few short clips on a screen at the centre of the gallery, including footage of Corno’s creative process. We see her throwing and spreading paint onto her large canvases, creating forms out of the colours. What is beautiful about Corno’s work is that you see her hand in it: she doesn’t try to hide her process. Her work is dynamic, bold and confident, much like the artist herself.

I asked Corno about her process, and she spoke about rhythm and movement. “I have been painting for forty years, and even though my work has evolved, the process has stayed the same, with the same rhythm.” Naturally, we got on the topic of New York, the city she has called home since 1992. She describes it as “a mini planet” citing the culture, food, people and even huge billboards as sources of endless inspiration. “New York is so freaking versatile,” she explained, “stand at any street corner for five minutes and you’ll see every style, every colour, everything.”

You get a similar feeling gazing at her work. Spend time in front of them and discover every colour, every line and every shape.

Corno’s collection will be on display at AKA Gallery (51 St Paul O) until September 20th. Find out more about Corno on the Corno Studio blog HERE.