The Artistorian’s Weekly Picks August 11 to 16

The Artistorian's Weekly Picks August 11 to 16

rural glamor rural glamor

This week, I’m offering a variety of suggestions for art lovers of every shape and size: virtual reality, drawing, photography, contemporary, 18th century… take your pick!

Sensory Stories

The Artistorian lists her picks from the Montreal art scene for the week of August 10th.

August 11 to September 27 at the Phi Centre.

Described as a collection of “virtual realities, interactive installations and immersive films”, Sensory Stories invites viewers to engage 4 of their 5 senses (no, taste is not one of them) in this exhibition featuring 16 works by international artists, including five from Canada. Here’s the best part: free admission.

Focus on the Collection: From Gainsborough to Moore, 200 Years of British Drawings

Marie Spartali

Marie Spartali

Until August 16 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Your last chance to check out this exhibit of 40 British drawings from the MMFA’s permanent collection. Featuring works by Beerbohm, Burne-Jones, Chadwick, Cotman, Cox, Flaxman, Gainsborough, Gilpin, Moore, Mortimer, Nash, Nicholson, Richardson, Romney, Rowlandson, Ruskin, Sandby, Solomon, and Turner, dating from the late eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries. This is a rare opportunity, as these drawings are not usually displayed due to their fragility. Get on over there!

RURAL GLAMOR: Anelys Wolf for Qouleur

rural glamor

rural glamor

August 15 at Rats 9

Anelys Wolf, born and raised in southern Chile, will display her paintings and drawings in this exhibit documenting the homo erotic gaze in mid-20th century Latin America.

It’s gotta be da shoes

it's gotta be the shoes exhibition

it’s gotta be the shoes exhibition

August 6 to 29 at Galerie LSB

Photographer Pierre Marino-Smette’s “selfeet” are on display for a few more weeks. These are photos of individuals, fans and/or collectors of sneakers whom Marino-Smette asked to pose with their favourite pair. Fetishism? Fashion? It’s all that and more.