Montreal Psych Fest in September Announced

psych fest psych fest

Montreal’s most trippy music festival is beaming in for the fourth time in September. This grassroots festival features local bands that are a little more weird and experimental than most. Basically, the type of bands that recreate the surreal effects of pschedelic drugs. Forget the acoustic, regimentally arranged song. Instead, think lots of pedal effects (wah wah), feedback, droning, loops, and long drawn out instrumentals. It’s music that arty music lovers tend to love because it tends to be more abstract.

This year is a three day festival in local venues Divan Orange and La Vitrola. Headliners are Human Eye, Demons Claws, and Pypy. The other bands playing are equally worth checking out, of course. The line-up is already announced, so here’s what’s in store.

Thursday at Divan Orange, Sept. 10

Birds Of Paradise


Milk Lines


Friday at La Vitrola, Sept. 11

Paul Jacobs


Les Marinellis

Demon’s Claws

We reviewed Demon’s Claws at the Anachronik festival. Click HERE for our reviewer’s love.


Saturday at La Vitrola, Sept. 12


Adam Strangler

The Auras

Blue Cheese

Human Eye

Tickets for the weekend are $50, but each night’s show can be purchased individually. Click HERE for information.

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