Fringe Festival Reviews #6


The Singing Psychic Game Show

Are you in for games?

Curious to play psychic Jenga and psychic Bingo?

Do you like to turn the wheel of fortune?

Then The Singing Psychic might be the show you need.

Renowned as the toast of Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, Marysia Trembecka aka The Singing Psychic entertained the Mainline audience with glittering ’70s-style games, funky tunes, and small witty prizes.

Marysia Trembecka is half Polish/half English and sees “The Singing Psychic” as one of her self-proclaimed bio-queen characters.

And what a queen she is!

What begins as a personal journey of Marysia Trembecka develops into a theatre experience filled with laughter, participation, and pop songs. Divided in teams the audience was entertained for an hour with songs, freeze dancing, and high competition!

Marysia knows how to work a crowd and before you know it everyone is on their feet to dance with each other, to hold poses, and to compete in hilarious tasks.

The Singing Psychic’s expertise is doing fun birthday readings based on the songs playing when people were born, combined with her original “Four-Tune” tarot cards with popular songs.

A lot of old hits were rediscovered and cherished!

After each show everyone got a card with the title of their song to guide them through the month.

A surprising and fun experience!

The Singing Psychic Game Show is at The Mainline Theatre (3997 ST Laurent) on June 15 and 16. Tickets HERE.

D’arrache-pied jusqu’au bout de tes doigts

Johanne Gour is a mid-career choreographer working since 2009 and she once again presents her piece D’arrache-pied jusqu’au bout de tes doigts created in June 2023. 

We enter the room where two dancers drag a body wrapped in a gray blanket until they find the ideal place to leave it, over to the side.

It is the beginning of a performance where the tangible and the intangible, the formal and the sensitive respond to each other in a very touching way.

We witness the body as a bearer of meaning.

The piece testifies to the fascination with the relationship between the obligatory immobility of those who sit and the capacity to set out to discover. Wheelchair-bound choreographer Gour is on stage alongside Alexandra MacLean and Esther Gaudette.  For an hour, they illustrate the reality of a functional disability as well as the human need to get closer to others.  This choreography is tender, relevant and takes us into a world of emotions.

It shows that Gour is interested in movement, in its mechanics, its organization, and its expressive capacity. Accompanied by two wonderful dancers, we appreciate the piece with its sensitivity, technical precision, and tone above a little madness. 

A must see!

D’arrache-pied jusqu’au bout de test doigts is at Studio Jean-Valcourt of the Montreal Conservatory of Music (4750 Henri Julien) on June 14 and 16. Tickets HERE.

Info and tickets HERE. Info about all shows at the Montreal Fringe Festival can be found HERE.

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