The Avalanches Debut in Montreal

Avalanches. Photo MIchael Eidelson. Avalanches. Photo MIchael Eidelson.

The Avalanches made their Montréal debut last week playing an intimate show at Theatre Corona. The group has embarked on their first North American tour promoting their highly anticipated second studio album Wildflower which was released last summer. The Australian electronic pioneers only have two albums under their belt with sixteen years between said albums and even with a limited studio discography, the sample based powerhouse are able to add variety to their live sets with different mixes and renditions of their own tracks. Accompanying The Avalanches on tour are Spank Rock and Eliza Wolfgramm who share a charismatic energy on stage while performing together. The crowd fed off their dynamics throughout the night which made for a festive and memorable show.

The set started off with the track “Because I’m Me” and made a smooth transition into the lead single “Frankie Sinatra” from Wildflower. Spank Rock covered the Danny Brown verse exceptionally well and kept his presence close to the front of the stage. Most of the tracks at the show were from their latest record while implementing covers. A rendition of The Clash song “The Guns of Brixton” felt vibrant and appropriately fitting for the group to perform with Wolfgramm flexing her efforts to put on a ravishing show for the audience. Spank Rock also had his own moment to shine with the track “Bump” from his debut album YoYoYoYoYo which felt complimentary to be added to colorful setlist.

The audience members ranged from young college students to older music fanatics who have probably anticipated seeing the electronic assemble from the release of Since I Left You back in 2000. Second floor seating wasn’t available at the show, the first floor was packed with attendees which didn’t seem to bother anyone. It created a welcoming environment for people to enjoy themselves in and didn’t feel at all intimidating to be apart of, rather it was a relaxing and laid back experience. No one could have imagined that they would get the opportunity to see such an influential group perform in their city. The passion for the love of The Avalanches music was widely felt throughout the entire venue, it was a magnificent energy that was instilled from person to person.

Highlights of the night included their most famous track “Frontier Psychiatrist” which excited audience members to see performed live. Rock and Wolfgramm provided the vocals on the track which didn’t feel off putting in the least bit, rather it was refreshing to hear it performed in a new light. For the encore they came back to perform the title track off Since I Left You which was stunning to see pulled off so effortlessly. The audience members could be seen appreciating the fact that The Avalanches chose Montréal as stop for their first North American tour. With talks of new music in the works, maybe they’ll drop by again for another sensational performance, whether or not it takes another decade to form their new content.