The Glorious Sons: Growing Bigger and Getting Better

It’s been quite a year for The Glorious Sons. Their latest album, ‘The Union’ earned them a Juno nomination for ‘Rock Album of the Year’, their songs are getting ton of airplay, and they are now on their first true headlining tour of Canada, which will stop in Montreal on November 27 at the Petit Campus. I spoke with the Sons’ singer Brett Emmons last year when the album came out, and ever since, the article has seen a steady stream of visitors, so it was time to catch up with the guy.

I asked Brett if he was taken by surprise by all that happened to them in the last year. “For us, we saw it as one step at a time,” he says candidly. “We weren’t surprised at all at the attention it got.”

With the recent release of a new single “Sometimes on a Sunday” that’s shows an evolution from their album, I turned the discussion to songwriting. “If I could, I’d release a song every day. I love writing songs, I write all the time” Emmons explains. “That song was recorded back in September and we felt it needed to be released now. And by adding it to the special edition of ‘The Union’, it may bring people to the album.”

Is that single indicative of what their follow up album could sound? “It’s a precursor of what’s next for us; our writing is more mature, as is our playing. I like the idea of releasing a song when it’s done instead of waiting two years for the next album. The songs weigh on me, man, I can’t wait to release them and have people hear them. We already have quite a few songs for the next record.”

Thematically, Emmons’ writing shows a maturity that is a bit beyond his age. “These days I like to write about humanity,” he says, “and what it means to be living in the Western world, from my perspective as a 23 year old. That’s what inspires me lyrically and it’s showing in the songs we’re writing now.”

The last time The Glorious Sons played Montreal was in 2014 when they opened for Airbourne at the Corona. Now they’re on their first proper headlining tour and many shows are sold out in advance. “It’s a really good feeling” he tells me. “Our show has grown more professional over the last year. It’s still sweaty and loud, but we pay attention to details more, and to the presentation.”

That concert takes place at the Petit Campus on Friday November 27th, with Northcote and Poor Young Things opening. Tickets are on sale now.

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