The Secret Life of Werewolf Players

werewolf cards. jenny donovan kickstarter werewolf cards. jenny donovan kickstarter

Ohh they are out there. You probably nod hello to them everyday, go work with them, share a laugh and a joke with them. You would never even know that they were there… in the daylight. But when the moon comes out, so do those who play “Werewolf” and Jenny Donovan is leading the pack.

Born and bred in the community of NDG, the deegee as she calls it, Donovan is an artist who has amassed quite a few amazing accomplishments on her resume. If you have children, or have been one recently, you have probably seen her work and not even known it. Jenny worked on Canadian animated series such as Mia, Doggy Day School, Arthur and Cailloux, as well as being the artistic director for the “Prix Gemeau” nominated ‘My Goldfish is Evil’.

What does a Montreal artist do in her spare time? Roller Derby of course. Donovan has played in the Montreal Roller Derby for over four years. “I played on the Ditas for three seasons as well as the B travel team, the Montreal Sexpos for a season and was part of the coaching staff for the All Star Team,” says Donovan.

Never one to be intimidated by a new challenge, Donovan is reaching out to friends, community and pretty much anyone who will listen about her new project. She has taken something old, broken it down, given it her unique touch and fired it out onto Kickstarter. That something is the game ‘Werewolf: Dystopia’. Werewolf is a role playing game that has been around in one shape or form since the ’80s. It is a strategic last-man-standing game that pits one group (werewolves) against another group (villagers). There have been countless versions of this game, from board to video. However, fans of the game keep it something of an underground secret, guarded and enjoyed by few. “The game has been becoming more mainstream over the last few years,” explains Donovan. “It seems to be gaining steam!”

werewolf cards. jenny donovan kickstarter

werewolf cards. jenny donovan kickstarter

Donovan’s streamlined version of the game uses cards and is accompanied by a web-site (Still under construction but usable, and pretty cool) that gives the basics of the game, just enough to get you going. She has given the story a post-apocalyptic twist and added a barrage of characters that use special powers to hunt down these shape shifting creatures of the night.

The game is geared towards groups of up to 30 players, and is best played at night with the lights way down. Definitely not for the faint of heart. If you like spooky, have a good imagination, enjoy a good laugh, then a Werewolf: Dystopia party would be right up your alley.

Jenny’s goal is to raise $3,200 bucks, but time is running out. There are literally only a few days left to become a backer and get this project off of the ground. She is looking for pledges anywhere from $5 to $150 dollars ($13 gets you a deck of 30 cards). There are all kinds of bells and whistles for pledging, but you are best off to check out the kickstarter site for yourself and let Jenny explain it to you. Passion and enthusiasm is not something this Montrealer lacks, plus, she can spin a pretty good yarn.

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