Tweet To Change the Face of Comedy


poster for new comedy show

Ever wish you could tell the comedian that  the joke about his night with the torn pantyhose, a tube of toothpaste, and a Nepali yak was pure poetry? Now you can. Not after the show, but while it’s still fresh in your mind… Say… while he’s in the middle of telling the punchline.  @TweetitupComedy is a new weekly comedy show that lets the audience give the performer immediate feedback and participate in the show through Twitter.

This week, Darren Henwood  along with co-creator Mike Carozza will be hosting Vlad Levitt, Emery Fine, Emma Wilkie, and Travis Cannon at the very first inception of @TweetitupComedy. As the audience responses are collected during the show, the funniest tweets will be incorporated into the show itself. There’s also an open invitation to send ’em your jokes.  Your twitter handle might get the biggest guffaw yet.

@TweetitupComedy takes play Thursday 10pm at Frite Alors, 680 St Catherine West (in the basement below Piranha bar). $5.

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