Wil Anderson’s Debut Solo Stand-Up Is Hilarious

One of the best things about Just For Laughs is the international comedians with adorable accents. Wil Anderson is a good example of this. He hails from Australia and had a very successful night of stand up at the festival. Despite the humid theatre, it was full and everyone laughed their asses off throughout the program. It was so hot that it was very easy to break a sweat; Anderson admitted he was worried he was sweating hair dye – luckily he did not but I wager it would have been funny if he did.

Anderson revealed some hilarious facts about himself, allowing us to laugh at his unfortunate state of being a single 40 year old man with osteoarthritis in hip. It’s always a laugh to consider how someone else has less sex than you, and this was fully proved at his performance.

There is another thing that was very apparent throughout his performance: he had a lot of energy to expend on stage. Anderson told every joke with more vigor than I can accurately express in text, to me it proved that he has a lot of love for comedy.  If joking about one’s own awkward sexual escapades isn’t enough proof of this, then surely revealing a God-like belief in drunken Matt Damon should be.  The night was very entertaining, and the sexy foreign accent really only added to my enjoyment of the evening.

The hour was easily spent laughing along with Anderson sharing various comedic adventures with the audience including giving us all reason to probably never go to Alaska. Anderson’s debut stand-up even earned a standing O from the crowd, and it was well deserved.  Many laughs were had and it was well worth going to see the Aussie, and if you’re worried you missed out you could always check out his Australian TV program.

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  1. Debut? He’s been doing Montreal for years

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