What’s Happening Now?: Eddie Paul’s New Video Hand in my Pockets

Curious what Eddie Paul is up to?

eddie paul eddie paul

Singer-songwriter Eddie Paul’s newest video for his second single, “Hands in my Pockets,” has just been released and it’s pretty awesome. I was able to have a little chat with the man himself about the video, his new album and what’s in the works for 2015.

Eddie has been a part of the Montreal music scene since moving from the Okanagan Valley seven years ago. His first band was formed with his younger brother, but they went their separate ways after a few years. It was after this, when Eddie met Seb Black of Emery Street Records, that the ball really got rolling. “Things really started moving along. He really believed in the project,” says Eddie. He was signed about four years ago and the rest is Montreal music history. As for his thoughts on Montreal, Eddie says, “The Montreal music scene is cool, man.”

The video has a truly unique concept. This is due to running out of time and wanting to tie a bunch of different themes together. Thus, the idea of the View-Master was born. That way, a variety of themes and scenes could be somewhat spliced together in a narrative fashion. The song itself is pretty straight-forward; it’s basically about a less-than-desirable lady. “It’s not about anybody specific,” swears Eddie, “It’s just about a girl you don’t really like… A girl you don’t want to be with.”

As for Eddie’s upcoming projects, he is currently focusing on putting the finishing touches on the album. After that, he wants to do some touring, hopefully to New York, Toronto and, of course, Montreal. As for the album’s title, that’s still a work-in-progress. As Eddie says, “Working titles until the end.”

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  1. Like the beat. Eddi….nice babe’s. Too. Unusual video. But old guys would think that…give er….Chubb

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