Write, Speak, Share: Interview with Elise Moser

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Who doesn’t love a good yarn? Now, what if you could put those words to a rhythm, hear each line with the accent, stops, and emphasis as the writer performs it for you? Have you been as curious about spoken word poetry as I have? Maybe you’re already a huge fan, but can’t seem to fit a show into your schedule. Fear not, I have a solution for you.

The Atwater Writer’s Exhibition and the Quebec Writer’s Federation present an innovative and exciting new project this weekend which promises to spark both connections and creativity. Write, Speak, Share: Spoken Word Performance will bring together five of the best Montreal area spoken word artists who will lead workshops with a group of 30 seniors and teens to create spoken word pieces. The budding spoken word artists will also be given the opportunity to perform their pieces alongside the pros.

I spoke with Elise Moser, the Atwater Writer’s Exhibition project coordinator this week. Here are some highlights.

Stephanie Weiner (SW): Tell me about how this event came about.

Elise Moser (EM): The goal of the Atwater Writer’s Exhibition is to shine a light on English language writing in Quebec. There is a physical exhibition in the reading room of the library. This event is part of the second phase of the writer’s exhibition; it’s been in planning since last spring. We’ve been working with the Quebec Writer’s Federation and spoken word artists Moe Clark and Chris Masson. They have been helping plan the activities.

SW: What are you most excited about for this weekend?

EM: I’m excited about teens and seniors working together to do something so creative. As a spectator, I’m excited to see the performance.

SW: If there were one thing you’d like our readers to know, what would it be?

EM: That this is a great opportunity to see some really good spoken word art! It’s hard to find shows to go to, I like to be in bed with a book by 10 p.m. [laughing] So, for this Sunday, anyone who is out and about downtown can come in, spend a couple of hours seeing some spoken word, then go home for dinner.

The What:

Registered teens and seniors will workshop with spoken word artists Moe Clark, Tanya Evanson, Cat Kidd, Chris Masson, and Jason “Blackbird” Selman. On Sunday, those who would like to will have a stage to perform the work they have created together. Both of these events are absolutely free, and the workshop includes lunch. Interested teens can still apply, there are 4 spots remaining for the workshop. Visit the Atwater Library website here. Or phone 514-933-0878 to reach the Quebec Writer’s Federation.

Write, Speak, Share: A workshop to inspire your inner storyteller. Atwater Library. Tupper entrance (1200 Atwater Ave). March 19. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Free. Write, Speak, Share: Spoken Word Performance. Atwater Library Tupper entrance (1200 Atwater Ave). March 20. 3:30 p.m. Free.

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    Write, Speak, Share: Spoken Word Performance. Atwater Library- Tupper entrance (1200 Atwater Ave). March 20. 3:30 p.m. Free.

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