Bakermat & Robyn: Sexiness, Festival Plans, & New Music

Reviewed by Robyn

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Have you always wanted to get to know Bakermat better? Well so did we. Why? Well, to start with he is young and already has hit singles in the UK. He is known across Europe and he’s making a splash across the pond in Canada and the USA. What better way to get introduced to North American dancing than in Montreal, we know how to make the top city in a tour list. Hailing from Holland, Bakermat is a seriously great DJ. In words, I can only say so much. Bakermat is a must-listen artist for sure.

He is energetic and clearly loves to make music, and better yet his music speaks for him. He is such a talented DJ and he’s so young – I can’t make this point clearer, he’s a musical genius and he’s only 23. If I can accomplish as much as him by this time next year, I’ll be surprised. For example, take a listen to this track “Teach Me”; not sure exactly what he is teaching me except how to dance uncontrollably.  If I could find out how to take a song with me for a surf in the river, I would be trying to take this one for sure.

This interview is a sneak peak behind the turntables, if you will. It’s got charm, just like Bakermat himself. Especially with his upcoming show at New City Gas, I was delighted to have Bakermat answer a few questions about himself for Montreal Rampage.

Robyn Homeniuk (RH): Introduce yourself using 5 words or less
Bakermat (BM): original, enthusiast, tall, motivated.

RH: Melodic House is pretty new to us, how is it different than other types of house music?

BM: It focuses mainly on chord progressions and melody, and uses many classical instruments (guitar, piano, saxophone, flutes, percussion) where other types of house music focus on synthesizers, build ups and drops.

RH: What inspired your new track “Another Man”?

BM: I wanted to go back to that old type of American folk music that has an enormous amount of feeling because the people back then suffered a lot. I tried to respect that feeling but give it a little melodic house twist and energy.

RH: What’s the one thing  about your tour that excites you the most?

BM: Meeting new people. I live for that. I love it that every crowd in every city is different and that I’m in a new surrounding every day. It inspires me a lot and gets my creativity going!

RH: How does it feel to show at Ultra Music Festival 2015?

BM: It feels awesome, it will be my debut at this legendary festival, and I’m excited to show what I’ve got. I’m not nervous or anything because I’m pretty confident about my show.

RH: What should fans expect from your Ultra show and tour?

BM: A very musical, improvising experience. I love to play with live musicians and this time I brought saxophonist Ben Rodenburg with me on the tour. I have a great vibe with him and have the option to improvise on the spot, which gives the shows a very loose and fun vibe.

RH: Define sexy:

BM: A natural, not forced, grooviness that brings a smile on your face.

RH: What’s the sexiest city? Hotel? Club? Current track? Music Festival?

BM: Amsterdam. Maison Champs Elysees Paris. Grasshopper Detroit. Blonde – All Cried Out (Magician Remix). CRSSD music festival San Diego.

RH:  What’s next for Bakermat?

BM: I’m touring the entire US until mid April, then I’m of for a European tour in the summer, but will also be back in the US this year! And an album is coming up, with a new single. And just loads of fun producing music, deejaying and enjoying my life. I love my job!

RH: What are your three simple luxuries?

BM: Being able to decide my own working time and free time; my RIMOWA touring suitcases; my phone so I can keep in touch with my friends and family back in Holland

Tickets for Bakermat’s Montreal show can be purchased on New City Gas’s website. 
The show is on April 3 2015.