Dance Festival Offers 32 Free Shows in Montreal

Festival Quartiers Danses. Sébastien Provenche. Photo Charles Oliver Bouque Festival Quartiers Danses. Sébastien Provenche. Photo Charles Oliver Bouque

The Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD) takes dance to the people by presenting 24 choreographed shows throughout the city. 32 of these are done as outdoor performances and completely free to attend. This democratization of contemporary dance has something for everyone with its goal of making dance more accessible to all audience in traditional and unusual venues.

This year’s festival is under the theme of The Builders, a reference to the people who have contributed to the construction of the festival over the years. Those performing include both local and international performers such as Montrealer Jane Mappin, Brit Tim Casson, and Spaniards Daniel Abreu and La Intruza Danza. Julie Tymchuk, Marie-Pier Gilbert, LA TRESSE collective, Helen Simard, Taafé Fanga, and Catherine Lafleur are also part of the shows.

The places chosen for the spectacles are always unusual. For example, there are shows at Place du marché Atwater, Rue Wellington, Jardins Gamelin, and Place des Festivals.

There are also indoor shows taking place at Place des Arts. Notably, Kyra Jean Green will be performing The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time, Andrea Pena has El Vientre del Animal, Tentacle Tribe is showing Threesixnine, Marc Beland reinterprets Sonia Gómez Vicente’s Bailarinas, and finally Cas Public and Kopergietery will be performing 9, a piece done to the music of Beethoven.

In addition to free dance shows, there are a number of events taking place. There are participatory dances, where the public can participate in different pieces. There is also an art exhibit with the work of Jackie Hopfinger, films about dance, free dance workshops by different choreographers and dancers, and round tables on the role of dance in cultural mediation and the development of contemporary dance in urban contexts.

The FQD takes place September 7 to 17 at different places in the city. Click HERE for more information.

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  1. I love how the Montreal always has free outdoor activities. Things you take fore granted sometimes when you live there, but its very unique.

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