Review: The Summer of All My Parents

The Summer of All My Parents. The Summer of All My Parents.

Written by Tamerlie Philippe

The Summer of All My Parents is your average family drama. Adolescence, family, and divorce are the topics mostly covered in this lighthearted drama. It mainly follows the complicated relationships between kids and parents after a divorce. Set in two different cities, it provides totally opposite imagery. This drastic change in scenery accentuates further the results of a divided home.

Two sisters spend the summer with their parents. The first month is with the mother and stepfather. The second with the father. The youngest, Laura, is a rebellious girl who is struggling at school and keeps secrets from her mother.  She looks up to her sister, tries to look cool, smokes, and watches porn. Keep in mind, she’s 14. Josephine, her older sister, falls in love with a mysterious boy and becomes accomplice to a crime. Together, the sisters keep each other’s secrets, learn more about their family, and mature in a short period of time.

The story isn’t what you would describe as original. A series of clichés comprised of flings, secret pregnancies, step parenting, and angry teenagers are things we’ve all seen before. The lack of originality or thrill does not make it bad, however. Its dry sarcastic humour mixed with mildly coarse language is quite fun to watch. It’s played by a beautiful cast who portray a wide range of emotions.

The writer tried to incorporate thrill to the storyline. Most times, this is appreciated and liked by viewers. In this particular case, I think the attempt was failed. I didn’t see the relevance of it and found it misplaced more than anything. The light tone of the movie made it difficult for me to feel some semblance of suspense. 

The Summer of All My Parents is relatable to a great number of children. It did not fail in showing how difficult it can be for kids after a separation. Parents often explain how a separation is difficult for the pair. Some just forget how it affects the lives of their kids. This is a good way to see what their lives might look like.

The Summer of All My Parents is now available on DVD.