Don’t Let The Nudity Scare You From Adrienne Truscott’s Show

Adriene Truscott from Just For Laughs. Adriene Truscott from Just For Laughs.

After chatting with Adrienne Truscott (see our interview HERE), I was at least a little bit prepared for her comedy show. To the other members of the audience who didn’t know, most of them handled it pretty well. Truscott did not disappoint in any avenue when it comes to entertaining. She put on a marvelous stand-up show that was only made more dynamic and unique by her nudity.

One of the things I found most refreshing about the show is that it was a very educational and important comedy show. From just the title “Asking For It” I’m sure that many people in the audience were wary as they piled into the second floor bar. But for those of us brave enough to attend a comedy show that definitely coloured outside the lines, we were rewarded by the quality of show that was put on. Though not the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, I definitely felt moved by the performance and there are a few reasons for it.

The first reason is that Adrienne Truscott is confidence if nothing else, and this confidence wafted out into the audience and I definitely felt like I had gained some confidence simply for attending. Secondly, Truscott makes some very important points throughout her show – some of these pertaining to rape. She made jokes about certain American politicians, such as the double standards facing men and women in bars.

While nudity was definitely a part of her act, I was surprised to find that I was a lot more comfortable than I thought I would be.  I feel tentatively proud to say that I didn’t shy away from the nudity, and thought how she used her body in parts of the act were very original and hilarious. Though there were definitely members of the audience (especially in the very very close to the stage front room) who felt uncomfortable, Truscott took this in stride and honestly tried to make the audience feel more comfortable.

In general, this show will definitely appeal to those who aren’t afraid of nudity or the female body and who revel in the communication aspect of comedy. Truscott’s show is amazingly brave and quite funny, and it is definitely worth putting yourself outside of your comfort zone to experience something truly unique. After all, isn’t it true that the best parts of life happen just outside your comfort zone?

Adrienne Truscott’s show as part of Zoofest and Just for Laughs continues at the Wiggle Room (3874 St Laurent) until July 26. 11:30 p.m. $20.