What Would Beyonce Do? Laugh Herself to Tears at Luisa Omielan’s Stand-Up

Lusia Omielan & Audience Member at Theatre Ste. Catherine. Photo by Robyn Homeniuk. Lusia Omielan & Audience Member at Theatre Ste. Catherine. Photo by Robyn Homeniuk.

Wondering what comedy shows are a MUST SEE and will make you cooler than all your friends to say that you’ve seen? Luisa Omielan’s What Would Beyonce Do? will definitely will fill this void for you. The show is a mixture of hilarious comedy, very important and touching monologues, and some of the best dancing outside of a Beyonce music video.

The very talented Omielan presents a very important reminder to audiences: comedy is an amazing tool for communication. Using her show to tell us about some of the struggles of being a human, the show imprints itself on your heart leaving you (or at least me) wishing you had a friend as fabulous as Omielan.  To the Netflix staff, if you’re reading this, please film Luisa’s show so I can watch it again and again. If not now you’ll regret it, because she’ll be charging you huge royalties when she becomes extremely famous in what I expect will be a short period of time.

Luisa Omielan at Theatre Ste. Catherine. Photo by Robyn Homeniuk.

Luisa Omielan at Theatre Ste. Catherine. Photo by Robyn Homeniuk.

I had the amazing privilege of chatting with the master mind behind What Would Beyonce Do? Luisa Omielan is not only hilarious in her stand up show, but she is very charming and has perfect hair. Her stand up show is something very rare and very important to see. I highly suggest you check out this British babe before she jets off to the Edinburgh comedy festival.

Robyn Homeniuk (RH): How are you liking Montreal so far?
Luisa Omielan (LO): Well I’ve only been here a day and a half really, I flew in the night before last. I’ve had a couple of shows, so I haven’t had the chance to see much of it. The people are very lovely, so I’m very happy to be here.


RH: Have you tried any of the food yet?

LO: I haven’t tried anything yet – I’ve had room service salad and that’s about all I’ve eaten. So I need to go out and check out your food places.


RH: I’ve noticed down in the festival there are a lot of very fancy food trucks out there.

LO: Oh is there? I’ve seen a couple out there but I’m not ready to brave those quite yet. Maybe in a couple of days.


RH: The main dish that we’re known for is poutine.

LO: Is that gravy on chips?


RH: Yeah, it’s gravy and cheese.

LO: Yeah but what you call cheese and what we call cheese – they are very different things Robyn. Very different. I think I tried that, a couple a weeks ago I was in Toronto at the NXNE festival. I tried it and I thought: this isn’t cheese – I’m alright.


RH: Is it weaker or stronger than your usual?

LO: It’s fucking flaky shit – where’s the cheddar? I just want medium cheddar.


RH: You’re meant to have it with curds.

LO: Yeah what the fuck?  We throw that shit away.


RH: It is the garbage of cheese. I once did a dairy tour and they said the stuff left over after they make the cheese is what cheese curds is.

LO: I know that you have it in little packets – I had some yesterday so I know you sell it.  We grate that on and put that on chips and that’s amazing! OMG – If you did that here I would be so happy.


RH: Well, I think there are a few places that do that but that’s not the ideal. If I wanted a poutine, I would not want to go to a place with grated cheese.

LO: I love grated cheese on chips.


RH: Have you ever performed at Just for Laughs before?

LO: First time!


RH: How do you feel about the festival so far?

LO: I’m really excited, it’s a real honour and privilege to be here. There  are some really amazing acts here and it’s a real honour to be a stand-up amongst these stand-ups.



RH: I saw Date Night last night, and I was almost crying with laughter.

LO: Oh that’s always good in a comedy show!


RH: Can you tell me a bit about your show but without too many spoilers?

LO:  It’s my debut stand-up show.  So it’s my kind of stand-up, and it’s the story about my life. So it’s about that and what I’m doing. Me and my friend moved back into our mums’ houses at the age of 27. We were there crying on the kitchen floor in a onesie – What were we doing with our lives? Why are we back home at 27? Where’s the dream? Then my mate was like hey, you know we’re the same age as Beyonce? I was like… oh fuck off! What would Beyonce do? And it just came from that.


RH: Any other inspirations from Queen B?

LO: The show is not really about her actually. It’s more my stand-up show, but it’s a nice structure to put it around. She is amazing – I think she is an amazing role model. I think she’s brilliant. But it’s not a Beyonce themed show, it’s just a stand-up show but with references to Beyonce.


RH: Yes, she’s definitely a magical woman I’d have to say. Mother, pop star, Jay-Z is shacked up.  Do you do other stuff in comedy?

LO: I just do stand-up.


RH: Where’s the coolest place that you’ve performed?

LO: Montreal Comedy Festival! The Royal Albert Hall in London, that was pretty special. Yeah I think that’s it.


RH: Have you ever had any bizarre reaction to your show?

LO: Um, I always find it bizarre when people don’t let themselves go. I find that bizarre when people are very reserved, I’m always like Bitches! Come on! I love it when audiences lose their shit, and the dance, they get involved and they party. I love that.


RH: Do you have a favourite Beyonce song?

LO: I love Sexy Daddy – from the Destiny’s Child album – and I really like Grown Woman on the new album. I really love Grown Woman.


RH: Who would you most want to see this show – out of anyone alive or dead?

LO: Whoopi Goldberg and Beyonce.


RH: How do you think they would react?

LO: Hopefully they’d love it.  I’ll let you know.


RH: Send them an invite when they are in town! Do you have any last words for an audience of Montreal?

LO: Come and experience something that you’ve not seen or heard of before! And open your mind for the opportunity to have a party!
Follow her rise to stardom online at her twitter.

What Would Beyonce Do? plays as part of the Just for Laughs/Zoofest at the Mainline Theatre (3997 St. Catherine) on July 23, 24, and 26. 7 p.m. $20.