Nikki Glaser: A Night of Fun Fem-Comedy

Nikki Glaser from Just For Laughs. Nikki Glaser from Just For Laughs.

Don’t be afraid of a female comic, especially one as funny as Nikki Glaser. As a celebreated comedian, you think she would be accepted by now, but I still think people are afraid to find out just how funny a woman can be. Don’t be afraid to hear the word vagina in a comedy set, as you really have no reason to, unless you have poor bladder control when you laugh.

Glaser is a very funny comedian and her set fills you up with enough sexual tension you just have to laugh. I ended up taking a guy friend to the show and I swear he related to her even more than I did, proving my point that she is universally funny across genders.  When a comedian manages to stealthily stash a Harry Potter reference into their set, they have my full approval as an act.

If you are still on the fence about buying tickets to this show, let me shape your decision. First, her opener began with some fantastic jokes. She joked about what it’s like when you marry into a family that is very different from your own. The jokes were funny to me despite not being married. Next, Glaser is a very strong comedian. She knows how to interact with an audience without isolating anyone in a way that some comedians do. So, if you hate the idea of being picked on by a comedian then Glaser is a good choice here.
Furthermore, she jokes about a variety of subject that pretty much any modern human can relate to. Some of the troubles with being in a modern relationship, and the troubles of finding a suitable mate in the age of technology. Glaser also points out a very important similarity between the smell of balls and the scent of pussy –- not something I’ll reveal here but it’s worth going just to find out.

Nikki Glaser and co-host Sara from MTV's Nikki and Sara

Nikki Glaser and co-host Sara from MTV’s Nikki and Sara

If you’re uncomfortable with jokes about relationships, kids, living in the 21st century – then this might not jive with your sense of humor.

Tonight, Glaser had the audience laughing constantly and I suspect she’ll draw a similar reaction for her other shows.

Nikki Glaser’s show is part of Just For Laughs/Zoofest and plays at Les Katacombes (1635 St. Laurent) until July 28. 9 p.m.