Fantasia 2018: Anna and the Apocalypse [Review]

Anna and the Apocalypse. Anna and the Apocalypse.

If you ever wanted a film that was like a combination of High School Musical and Shaun of the Dead, Anna and the Apocalypse is the movie for you! After its Canadian premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival, John McPhail’s latest film is a wildly entertaining time at the movie theatre that will leave you smiling from beginning to end.

Taking place in the seemingly quiet town of Little Haven, high school senior Anna (Ella Hunt) wants to travel to Australia instead of continuing her studies, even if her father does not approve of her big decision. Little do they know that a zombie apocalypse is emerging, forcing Anna and her friends to fight their way to survival and take care of each other.

Admittedly, the premise does sound simple, but the director John McPhail elevates it with the help of an entertaining script, great characters, and fantastic musical numbers. Ella Hunt is absolutely wonderful in the lead role of Anna, and so is the rest of the cast. By the way, it’s also a hilarious film, and all the actors add something to the comedy. One musical number involving Marli Siu’s character is one of the funniest scenes in the entire movie.

Anna and the Apocalypse.

Anna and the Apocalypse.

Speaking of the musical aspect in Anna and the Apocalypse, all the songs are marvellous and quite catchy! Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly should be highly praised for coming up with fun yet memorable tunes for the audience to enjoy. It’s not easy, but they pulled it off quite brilliantly! Who knows? Even non-musical fans might enjoy the music.

While it is also a zombie film, don’t expect it to be a terrifying horror-fest. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just to let you know what you’re getting into. However, all the zombies still look disgustingly awesome. Whenever they’re on screen, the crowd is having a fun time watching Anna and her pals fight them.

Anna and the Apocalypse.

Anna and the Apocalypse.

In the end, Anna and the Apocalypse truly felt like a passion project from John McPhail. If you want a great musical, this is the movie for you. If you want a great zombie film, this is also the movie for you. If you’re a fan of both of those genres, then you certainly will not want to miss seeing this! Anna and the Apocalypse is another worthy example showcasing why genre films are here to stay!

Anna and the Apocalypse screened as part of this year’s Fantasia Festival.

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